GensoKishi Online Announces New NFT Collection!

GensoKishi Online has announced that a new batch of 11,000 incredibly unique and unique NFTs is on the way! The new collection of NFTs is designed by famous Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano.

Image of a warrior in Gensokishi online game.
The new GensoKishi NFT collection looks fantastic!

What is GensoKishi about?

Amano’s unique NFTs are the latest addition to the wildly popular GensoKishi Online metaverse, NFT representation of the award-winning game ‘Elemental Knights’, available on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Elemental Knights icon. Over 14 years, the game has more than 8 million downloads worldwide. Significantly, the immersive 3D virtual world MMORPG game has a fully functional 3D metaverse. This connects people across smartphones, PCs and video game consoles.

Amano x Genso NFT Collection

In total, Amano released twenty devices of NFTs. Each of these characters are available to wear in-game. Along with increasing the strength of characters, these extremely rare unique cosplay NFTs make playing and earning easier. Of course, the total number of NFTs will be 11,000.

Yoshitaka Amano designed abstract figures for the new NFT collection. Of course, the influential artist has put his unique and unique combination on these beautiful pieces of art. Gensokishi’s team then uses 3D data to produce and match avatar designs.

Famous for his 50-year career, the award-winning artist is responsible for character design and illustration in anime and video games. His most notable work includes Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D, Casshan and more.

How to get GensoKishi NFT

For those on the whitelist, NFTs cost $400 each, but unfortunately, the official Genso account has stopped accepting applicants. But you can still find sites from many influencers, partner projects, and the Gensokishi community. For these opportunities, check out the official Twitter and Discord!

However, the public sale starts from late September to mid-October and is open to everyone! Additionally, you can purchase MV with USDT or the official GensoKishi Online token, MV.

You might want to grab the opportunity while you can, though. Apparently, they’ve signed up a total of 100,000 community members, and that’s within 20 days of the website’s official launch. Now, they boast more than double that number.

GensoKishi online NFT character image
Renowned Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano designed the GensoKishi NFT collection.

Eight classes include NFTs

The NFT is a cosplay NFT consisting of eight parts that make up a complete body. These are.

  • Head
  • face (description)
  • shoulder
  • Right hand
  • left hand
  • Body
  • back (waist)
  • legs

Each NFT is made using a combination of these eight parts, and there are twenty possible types in both male and female. This means you will have a fantastic unique cosplay NFT created by Yoshitaka Amano and Gensokishi Online.

NFTs allow you to earn tokens

In the world of Gensokishi, your character’s equipment is directly related to their strengths and abilities. Because of this, the stronger your weapon, the more tokens you will earn in game.

NFTs are also tradable assets. Therefore, you can generate tokens in various ways, especially when playing with Amano’s collaborative NFT tools. Moreover, you can convert these tokens into cryptocurrency.

GensoKishi shows NFT

After minting, the NFTs undergo a special exposure process featuring additional art by Yoshitaka Amano. Each of these unique NFTs begins life as eggs painted by Amano.

On these eggs, the first character should be a name and a male or female NFT. The NFTs are scheduled for a full reveal at the end of October.

Battle scene in GensoKishi online game
The open beta of the MMORPG GensoKishi, an online meta world game, is now live!

The GensoKishi online game is currently in open beta.

GensoKishi’s online Metaverse game is currently in open beta mode. This can have two stages:

  • Open Beta 1: From the beginning of September to the end of September
  • Open Beta 2: End of September – before official release

During the open beta, there will be more updates. These include banking functions, upgrading/maintenance of fashionable NFT devices, importing MV/RON and adding a fan club membership card.

There is no specific date for the full release yet, but the team is working hard to bring this game to life! The game is available on desktop, Android and iOS.

There are plans for several events at each open beta stage, allowing you to win some awesome GensoKishi online prizes!

An in-game image of the GensoKishi online game.  Five female characters.
The Genso NFT collection is the first part of a huge roadmap!

GensoKishi Online has great long term plans!

The new NFT collection is the latest on GensoKishi’s online roadmap. The team is working on extensive plans, including a Metaverse store, museum and NFT marketplace.

There is a large market for that. game, With already established and committed fans. Currently, the number of registered community members is 280 thousand.

In addition, the launch pool on Baybit has attracted 69,000 participants and more than $22 billion for the project’s virtual currency token MV.

Finally, head over to the official GensoKishi Online in collaboration with Yoshitaka Amano to get one of these awesome NFTs at GensoKishi Online. website. You can also find them Twitter And Disagreement!

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