How an aerospace student became a Web3 entrepreneur

A famous saying goes that the road to success is not a straight line. Sometimes it leads to different directions along the way, such as learning about airplane development, becoming a writer, tracking Bitcoin (BTC), and exploring the blockchain space.

In a Cointelegraph interview, Ahmet Usta shares his journey from a childhood fascination with technology to becoming the founder of several successful Web3 projects focused on blockchain gaming and non-exploding tokens (NFTs).

Usta studied aerospace engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey mainly because of his passion for technology. He then pursued a career in information technology and worked in various businesses. 10 years later, Usta finds himself in a strange situation. he said:

“By some strange coincidence, I found myself as a technology writer and editor. I have written about technology for Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey and other publications.

Then came bitcoin, which caught Usta’s attention and “he was keeping a close eye on it.” Fascinated by the technology behind cryptocurrencies, Usta co-wrote Turkey’s first book on blockchain and subsequently attended gigs as a blockchain specialist, giving lectures, seminars and training companies on the topic.

In the year In 2021, the entrepreneur worked on a blockchain gaming project integrating NFTs. After achieving success, he recently raised fresh funding to connect brands and influencers with Web3 technology, handing over the project to a partner to focus on a long-term business called ELYT.

When asked why it is important for brands to use Web3 technologies like NFTs, he said NFT technology is more than just an application. It is a new way of thinking. He explained.

“When you start thinking in this new way, creativity starts to blossom. The rest is simply an engineering and business problem. The key is to be able to create real business models from a new perspective.

The executive said the possibilities in terms of NFT use cases are only limited by people’s imaginations. “Monkey figures and game properties are nothing more than a small snowball rolling on the ice that appears above the water,” he said.

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Usta believes there are many opportunities opened up by Web3. According to him, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) all have a role to play in the world. He explained.

“Bitcoin enabled record keeping without the need for a centralized structure. For the first time in human history, this enabled a decentralized trust protocol. With modern contracts, Ethereum revolutionized business processes.”

The Web3 entrepreneur also believes that NFTs will limit the ownership of digital assets that can be infinitely reproduced, and that the space will find a variety of applications. Meanwhile, Usta also highlighted his belief that DiFi will play an important role in the future of finance.