If you’re married in a no-fault divorce situation, your NFTs may be at risk.

Are you an NFT collector married in a ‘no fault’ divorce situation? If so, your treasured collection may be included in the 50/50 marital property process. In fact, many NFT holders have 50% of their digital assets taken by their spouses.

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Collectors who get married in one of the 17 no-fault divorces can lose half of their NFT portfolio. Credit: FreePik

What happens to your NFTs if you get married in a ‘no-fault’ divorce situation?

Recently, more and more NFT collectors are sharing their divorce stories on Twitter – and for good reason. Accordingly, ‘non-divorced’ US state spouses must share their NFT portfolio with their soon-to-be ex-spouse.

For example, bored monkey collector @StonedBrody lives in Wisconsin – one of the 17 no-fault divorce states in the US. This week, Brody was forced by a “temporary injunction hearing” to transfer part of his NFTs to a wallet managed by his wife.

In other words, he could lose half of his NFT portfolio, including blue-chip stocks.

“When the time comes, valuation will be a nightmare, but it has been delayed until this point. My husband and I are seeking a stay of a court order due to a dispute. Brody in A Twitter.

Ironically, the same thing happened to MAYC owner @hodlland. The collector replied to Brody saying he had lost 50% of his NFTs after the divorce.

A screenshot of the Twitter message regarding the NFT section's no-fault divorce conditions
BAYC Chairman Brody shared his NFT-related divorce case on social media. Credit: Twitter

How can NFT holders keep their assets?

According to @hodlland, the only way to secure NFTs is to “get preempted”. Otherwise, any NFT wallet created during the marriage can be divided in a no-fault divorce.

After all, the term “NFT” is being heard in the courts more than ever before. A New York court is using court notices as NFTs until this summer – and our post covers all the details!

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