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Inca Digital, a technology platform data science business, announced yesterday that it will research the impact of digital resources on global defense as part of a year-long agreement with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA is the research and development arm of the US Department of Defense.

Inca Digital collaborates on a project called Digital Financial Assets Impact Mapping, which aims to develop virtual currency area mapping software to provide information to US commercial and government companies.

In addition to investigating possible financial crimes and penalties, the proposal helps to understand the relationship between digital and traditional financial institutions, money flowing from and to public blockchains, or other digital currency activities that are of concern to US authorities.

In the official statement, INCA Digital Leader Adam Zarazinski said that the Department of Defense and many other government departments need improved tools to understand how digital tokens work and how they affect their power in the global markets of the technology platform.

DARPA project director Mark Flood told The Washington Post that the agency does not conduct surveillance. He wants to emphasize that the researchers are careful not to participate in this study.

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DARPA has been trying to understand since the beginning.

DARPA has been researching distributed ledger technology for a number of years because of its potential and potential as a useful tool. Last June, he teamed up with Track of Bits to find out how distributed ledgers are and their security flaws.

Among other applications, the creation of a distributed ledger will be critical to protecting critical military hardware in addition to verifying orders and ground warfare data. According to Victoria Adams, head of ConsenSys’ management practice in Washington, this is the case. She came out on AI, on the contrary, it will revolutionize everything.

Inka collected a second-stage Small Business Innovation Research grant for his work. The company was created by Nakamoto Terminal, a trade monitoring program used by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This was established in 2009 by retired Interpol experts.

Project StreetLamp has experienced innovation in creating an artificial intelligence solution that helps the CFTC automate the process of linking unregistered foreign interests to its registration deficiency list. The RED List was established in 2015 to help consumers make educated choices about spending their money with such entities.


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