Jackson Palmer calls Mark Cuban a scam for investors.

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Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer has fired back at the cryptocurrency industry, the public and marketers. This time he’s targeting Mark Cuban. They accused the Adobe technician of deceiving the entrepreneur in an attempt to gain personal interest in the industrial and gritty cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Palmer told Business Insider that he believes Cuban was duped into believing in digital currency and NFTs. Mark Cuban clarified that he will not be compensated as a celebrity to announce this. He was also brainwashed into thinking that these things were on the right track.

Palmer is one of the two developers behind Dogecoin, the virtual currency that has gained popularity in the community and is the voice of Elon Musk’s leader.

Paradoxically, he and co-founder Billy Marcus invented crypto to mock the theoretical illogic that shrouds crypto ventures. Although Marcus adopted a more optimistic view of the universe and embraced the virtual currency crowd, Palmer has been openly hostile to it for years.

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Palmer coined the cryptocurrency symbol by misspelling the word dodge to translate the then-popular shiba inn. Dogecoin At the beginning of 2021, he achieved a cult following on the Reddit WallStreetBets forum, the main orchestra behind the famous GameStop event last January, where fans vowed to push the price forever.

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Palmer explained that cryptocurrency first appeared in 2013, or even in 2008, as a response to a fractional Wall Street or general capitalist framework. From that moment on, the creator immediately knew that the most powerful voices in digital money wanted to develop a new predatory system to reach the top.

Palmer’s team consists of Chris Dixon and Marc Andreessen and Cuban. The multi-millionaire and venture capitalist are both part of Andreessen Horowitz, a firm among the most active venture capitalists in the cryptocurrency industry. Ironically, Block chief Jack Dorsey made similar comments about Marc Andreessen’s involvement in the fraud.

They shoot back

As for Cuba, Palmer’s statements were not new. He said this certainly sounds like something he’s heard in the technological developments he’s worked on.

Palmer made a similar charge against Elon Musk last May, saying he was just a fraud out to hurt Twitter. In addition, Musk stated that he was unable to develop essential software.

Musk responded to Palmer’s comments the next day, branding the founder a device with his son’s coding knowledge. But the multi-millionaire agrees with Marcus. Both frequently share memes on Twitter.

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