Japanese games are looking to enter Play – Bright days ahead for Battle Infinity

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The video game industry is thriving in Japan, home to some of the world’s largest and most successful game manufacturers. The island nation is home to several well-known companies including Square Enix, Sony and Nintendo to name a few.

Now, some of the top game developers in the country are reportedly starting to look at play-to-earn (P2E) games as a new source of revenue and business prospects.

Strategic partnerships to advance Play-to-ear

Although adoption of P2E technology has been slow, the sector has had ample time to expand and evolve, so it appears to be picking up steam. Yosuke Saito, Head of Square Enix’s Blockchain Division, today announced a partnership with P2E-based blockchain platform Oasys. He said he was excited to work with the OCC team and the gaming community on this project.

As a result of this exciting collaboration, they look forward to gathering insights that will help produce all-new gaming experiences that players around the world can enjoy, something they both love. For Web3 games.

How does this affect games like Battle Infinity gameplay-wise?

This is fantastic news for developers and projects focused on the development of P2E experiences. Battle Infinity is a good example of a P2E developer making significant gains (IBAT).

Buy Battle Infinity

The project just completed its pre-sale auction and was made available on Pancake Swap, which received overwhelming demand, increasing by nearly 400% on the first day.

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By tokenizing assets in the form of NFTs, the project allows users to build their own virtual sports teams using cards that can be easily bought, sold and traded. Battle Infinity is also working on a suite of player-versus-environment (P2E) games that have already generated good buzz.

Although the BSC-based IBAT token and Battle Infinity have generally received a lot of positive investor response, it is likely that popular and well-known game developers will get more support if they get on board the P2E train.

This move will likely bring P2E technology to the forefront of the gaming industry, thus allowing already established initiatives like Battle Infinity to flourish.

The acquisition game is still very new in the gaming industry as a whole, and the concept has not yet shown its viability. Fans turn to P2E games for rewards for playing their favorite titles, and if Square Enix can show that the idea works for big titles, developers will rush to build new games and experiences to keep up.

However, if Square Enix can show that the concept can work for big titles, the whole sector can explode.

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