Join the inSHAPE revolution with the VIP Mystery Box Drop

Over the past year, the ever-growing world of NFTs has grown into a powerful and versatile beast, an image is no longer just a jpeg, and those who invest in such tricks can reap untold rewards. One area born out of this innovation is the ‘M2E’ sector, which has emerged as a new and exciting way to tackle physical activity, opening up a world where no effort goes unnoticed, and every step gets a corresponding reward.

The early pioneers of this movement came up with a new way of coining by engaging in petty activities. But now a new competitor In SHAPEIt looks to open up the industry to a wider range of sporting activities. All the while, owning an NFT adds a welcome boost to how much a participant can earn.

With inSHAPE’s exciting new platform, fans of the Physical effort And Deliberate exercise You can earn $SHAPE tokens by logging your daily routines for activities like basketball, tennis, walking, hiking, running, and the gym for a scheduled October beta test.

Now, as interest in the platform continues to grow, those looking for their chance to shine can jump on the bandwagon by getting their own high-end NFTs at the long-awaited SHAPE Wild Card Mystery Box pre-sale event.

Be an early adopter with the high-end NFT mystery box drop

In the exciting world of inSHAPE, NFTs play a vital role in achieving affordability. Essentially, it offers a huge boost to the number of tokens that can be accumulated, offering a whopping 12x multiplier on final winnings.

In total, inSHAPE will release 1,500 of these ‘Wild Card’ NFTs For every sport on the platform. Each comes in one of three rarity tiers, common, uncommon and rare, offering a multiplier of 3x, 6x and 12x respectively, with an additional NFT ‘Legendary’ class rumored to drop sometime in the future.

That being said, inSHAPE went all out in preparation for its beta launch by announcing an extremely limited supply of 200 ‘All Sports VIP Edition Wild Card’ NFTs, which resulted in some excellent tokens without coin on the platform. The activity engaged in Secret box Sporting NFTs each come with a chance to earn a top NFT in one of 3 tiers, worth 9% of earning the best NFTs in stock!

To start the process from the ground up, those interested can now participate via the inSHAPE website!

Join the inSHAPE All Sports Wild Card Secret Box Download >> HERE

Utility bags with the $SHAPE token

With the inspiring inSHAPE app, fans of sports-based activities can earn $SHAPE rewards. Essentially, a single platform-wide resource where players can gather for their daily workouts. But unlike many of its competitors, the $SHAPE token has multiple uses both inside and outside of the app.

First, users can trade $SHAPE to other people on any participating exchange. Crypto-based currencyIn addition to being used to purchase NFTs and upgrades within the inSHAPE ecosystem. While $SHAPE is starting to shine, however, its function is outside of the blockchain ecosystem. Users can trade their earned $SHAPE tokens for any real-world discounted tokens. This allows them to benefit from their labor as quickly as possible.

Join the inSHAPE revolution with the VIP Mystery Box Drop

So, for those vigorous types who like to keep in shape, a vast world of opportunity awaits. For idle types, however, long waits continue to ‘get’ applications.

Learn more about inSHAPE >> here

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