Lazy Lions celebrated their 1st birthday by hitting the 100 million dollar mark

Lazy Lions, a large collection of NFTs, are celebrating their 1st birthday in the perfect way, hitting the $100 million trade mark for their collection. Now, they are officially the 58th NFT set of all time and find themselves in the top 30 specifically for PFP sets.

Year of lazy lions
Lazy lions celebrated their first birthday in history.

The story of lazy lions

Lazy Lions are often ranked as one of the top projects in space. With a strong team, support and roadmap, they have been recognized by top publications such as The Guardian, Yahoo Finance, and of course NFT Night.

The collection was first produced in It is priced at 0.05 ETH in August 2021. Sold out in 5 hours. The floor price currently sits at 0.42 ETH, reaching a high of over 3.5 ETH during the bull market. For sure, those who missed the invention will surely regret it now.

The group’s fanbase is huge, 140,000 members on Discord, 100,000 Twitter followers, and over 5,000 owners.

Furthermore, Lazy Lions is one of the most visible groups on the Instagram platform, often using it to share news, owner stories, and partner announcements. There, they have amassed over 21,000 followers.

It has reached the milestone of 100 million dollars

To celebrate this historic milestone, Ashur, CEO and founder of the project said, “30,000 ETH traded. What a milestone. 59th on OpenSea’s all-time high list (which includes every NFT created game)… and we’re just getting started. #lazy lions

The company also added on their Instagram feed:It’s been one hell of a year #fools #roar.

The Lions hope to build more from this symbol and are seeing their community building expertise in real life. Specifically, the Lazy Lions-inspired street art forms in LA, Melbourne and Austin. With key partnerships, a strong and thriving community, and an engaging roadmap, the Lazy Lions community seems to be one of the loudest and most active voices on Twitter and Instagram.

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