Limited Edition Hennessy Paradis and Gold Decanter by NFT Art

World-renowned cognac producer Hennessy is releasing the NFT Collection, a limited-edition bottle that comes with an impressive accessory. Hennessy Paradise Golden Edition is a rare and exclusive blend of 100 of Hennessy’s most awarded Eaux-de-vie. Available through, the leading DTC NFT marketplace for luxury wines and spirits, this is a unique opportunity to own an extremely rare Hennessey product.

Golden Hennessy NFT bottle
Hennessy launches new fine cognac collection using NFTs.

Starting September 23rd, you can pick up a limited edition fine cognac from these fantastic Hennessy 70cl NFT bottles for $2,500. With only 500 available, these are extremely rare and won’t sell for long! Each NFT comes with a special edition bottle in 70cl, and later in the year, there will be a 150cl magnum release.

Hennessy NFT comes with a special limited edition bottle!

The first NFT drop in the Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition is a 70cl bottle of this stunning cognac. These rare collector’s golden decanters hold a stunning golden colored cognac. Paradis It is a cognac created in 1979 by master blender Maurice Filleux in honor of symphonic music.

Moreover, the only animation attached to it is Hennessy NFT called ‘Golden Hour Artwork’ by Venda Carter. In particular, she is a famous stylist and jewelry designer known for working with gold, making her the perfect partner for the golden edition of this luxurious NFT collection.

Dov Falik, CEO and co-founder of Blockbar, said: “We are thrilled that Hennessy has chosen to partner with Blockbar and still release Hennessy Paradise Gold Edition exclusively. “Blockbar is at the forefront of gift giving this holiday season. We are excited to offer this special gift to our community, combining unique artwork by Venda Carter with personalized gift messages and an investment property-backed Hennessy Paradise Gold Edition.

A perfect gift for cognac lovers

The Golden Edition of Hennessy Paradias NFT Bottles is a work of art. A must for cognac fans and collectors. Because there are only 500 of these 70cl bottles, they are extremely unique.

The second drop of 100 Magnum bottles (150cl) costs $6,000 each. These bottles will go on sale in December. Interestingly, at launch, holders of 70cl NFT bottles will have early access to magnum bottles.

Finally, thanks to Blockchain technology, it is easy to redeem your NFT for a physical product. Also, bottles are available for delivery anywhere in the world!

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