Lucky Block V1 is set to reverse higher with strong support.

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LBLOCK: September 25

A lucky block broke above the $0.0003600 support, and since then strong bearish pressure has pushed the price action back. However, this is only seen as a minor retracement that seems to have reached strong support above $0.0003500. There are signs that price may continue its rally, and buyers may use this current support as a buying point.

LBLOCK price: 0.0003546 USD
Lucky Block Market Cap: $14.66 Million
Lucky Blocks Moving Supply: ——
Total supply of LBLOCK: 3.65 billion
Coinmarketcap Rank for LBLOCK: #4550

Significance value:
High Levels: $0.0003558, $0.0003575, $0.0003600
Floor levels: $0.0003546, $0.0003510, $0.0003480

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LBLOCK V1 Price Estimate: Lucky Block V1 is set to reverse with strong support.

LBLOCK V1 Price Estimate: Lucky Block will be ready to shoot up.

The LBLOCK/USDT four-hour chart shows that the price action may be hitting a rock bottom. Additionally, the trading indicator is starting to reflect an upward move from support around $0.0003540. The price candle has reached the Bollinger MA. Interestingly, even the visible red candle failed to break the support established by the Bollinger MA. Therefore, this price increase suggests the possibility of a resumption from here. Also, looking at the RSI, one notices a slight correction in the direction of the slow fast RSI. Traders can use this support as a buy as the price may eventually continue to rise from here to $0.0003700.

LBLOCK V1 Price Estimate: Lucky Block V1 is set to reverse with strong support.

LBLOCK V1 Price Analysis: Lucky Block V1 may start to improve in the market.

On the short-term LBLOCK/USDT 1-hour chart, the aforementioned uptrend seems to be slowly pulling away. Price candles have risen from the lower band of the Bollinger indicator. Also, the last candle here indicates that some buying activity has started. Hence, this is pushing the price action towards the MA line. Additionally, the RSI is moving higher to indicate a rapid build-up in the strength of buying activity. In addition, since the fast line has reached above the 50% level of this indicator, it can be assumed that the price movement has gained a lot of strength. Therefore, the price of Lucky Block can break the high price levels as mentioned earlier.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK V2): listing is set to take place on August 25th.

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