LUNC Price Rally Marks The End Of The Buying Crowd – What Is The Best Crypto To Buy?

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Terra Classic’s price has rallied 80% from its lows today – with those investors expecting the dip to dry higher. With no divestment in place – what’s the next best crypto to buy now?

Tamadoge is the best Crypto to buy right now.

When Tamadog arrived in the crypto space in July, it started making all the right waves in the market. This memecoin-like token has impressed the entire crypto-ecosystem with its unique approach to play-to-earn.

Once NFTs are minted, users can purchase Tamadoge Pets, NFTs in the crypto ecosystem, using TAMA (Tamadoge) tokens. You can customize these pets, breed them, use them for battle in the PVE ecosystem and buy Dogepoints.

This unique approach to PVE has led to many crypto publications, including CointelegraphTo call Tamadoge one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies in the market.

Another reason why it’s one of the best cryptos to buy right now is that the uber-successful presale that left Ethereum’s first ICO led OKX to list Tamadoge.

It was a long way to go because of the bear market when the custom was released. However, due to the focus on utility – it has attracted many fans in time.

Why is the Tamadoge list useful on OKX?

OKX is the world’s seventh largest token exchange with more than 351 cryptocurrencies listed and a daily trading volume of approximately $2 billion. However, that’s not the only reason Tamadoge’s listing on OKX is important.

Tamadog OKX

OKX stepped in to list Tamadoge as CNBC announced that Tamadoge has the potential to generate 10x to 50x earnings by 2023. Many cryptocurrency watchers believe that Tamadogge can reach such heights because of this sudden arrival.

Another main reason is that OKX is one of the most popular Global cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. Since this CEX is not available in certain states, OKX has implemented DEX as well. OKX DEX is suitable for those who live in countries where the exchange is not available.

Investors interested in buying Tamadoge from OKX can watch this video by a crypto YouTuber. Jacob Crypto Burial For step-by-step instructions.

YouTube video

Tamadog Vs. Terra Classic – which is better

The rise of the Terra Classic mine went against market fundamentals. Investors bought it left and right as #lunaburn started to rebound. In an effort to further mine this cryptocurrency, the community holding the LUNC key has introduced a 1.2% burn tax.

CZ Binance came out in favor of burning LUNC on Binance – causing an 80% pump in price. That increase may be good for early adopters, but those hoping to take the plunge will need to find a better cryptocurrency to invest in, and Tamadoge fits the bill.

This memecoin has more utility than most Web3 cryptocurrencies, making it a token with huge upside potential in 2023. Now that’s the question. Is this crypto better than Dogecoin?

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Tamadoge – Meme Play to earn coins

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  • Get TAMA in battles with Doge’s pets
  • Sealed Supply of 2 Billion, Token Burn
  • Presale collected 19 million dollars in less than two months
  • The upcoming ICO on the OKX exchange

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