LUNC Waxes is higher in a Bullish Trend.

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Terra Classic (LUNC) price forecast – September 5
Some of the selling activity in the LUNC/USD market has declined in two sessions as the crypto economy continues to rise sharply. Over the past seven days, the price has been trading between $0.0001305 and $0.0003402, representing the low and high price points. Currently, the percentage is positive at 15.86.

Terra Classic (LUNC) price statistics:
Price of lunch now – $0.0003291
LUNC market value – 2 billion dollars
LUNC distribution supply – 6.2 trillion
Total supply of LUNC – 6.9 trillion
Coinmarketcap Rank – #206

Lunch / US dollar market
Key steps:
Resistance levels: $0.00040, $0.00045, $0.00050
Support levels: $0.00030, $0.00025, $0.00020

LUNC/USD – Long term chart
The long-term chart shows that the LUNC/USD market has risen sharply on wax, with the price at the same time finding support around the buy signal of the minor SMA trend line. The 14-day SMA indicator is at $0.00024828 level below the 50-day SMA indicator line of $0.00018034. A bullish trend line is drawn along with psychological points where the market is finding support around the minor SMA device. The Stochastic Oscillators have turned north towards the 68.58 and 86.34 range values.

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Will the LUNC/USD market break above the $0.00040 resistance level soon?

With LUNC/USD market bulls’ current momentum, the crypto economy is likely to further surpass the $0.00040 resistance level in the next session as the crypto economy continues to rise sharply. Technically inclined, interested investors may consider joining the movement now. If the business turns down, do not panic. Instead, it will be another round of buying opportunities to buy again at lower prices.

On the downside of the technical analysis, sellers of the LUNC/USD market use their trading strategy to actively try to see a strong rebound that can be rejected in a trading position with high resistance before placing a sell order. A speculative scenario can be signaled by the emergence of a bearish candlestick at any point in the current trading cycle.

Lunch/USD Intermediate Chart

The medium-term chart shows that the LUNC/USD market is rising sharply. The 14-day SMA indicator is above the $0.00023853 value line of the 50-day SMA indicator by $0.00026358. Stochastic Oscillators are firmly entrenched in the overbought range, indicating consolidation activity as they contain 100 range points within it. That puts the underlying crypto at risk of depreciating against a counter-traded currency in the short term.

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