Lunch makes big moves – what’s the next target?

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Aside from BTC, the entire cryptocurrency market has been hit hard since last year. After the frontrunner crypto started to correct from its highs of around $67,000 in November last year, the entire sector began to collapse.

However, the current level of $20,000 has been held in Bitcoin for some time, giving investors relief and time to think about their next investment activities.

When the market situation was in turmoil, very few signs were able to attract the attention of the masses. From memecoins to projects that were not considered promising until recently, many new names are becoming popular.

But one of them managed to stand out the most, with its history as one of the top cryptocurrencies at one time – LUNC.

For the past few weeks, LUNC has been cruising to the top, leaving critics to wonder why a brand that rocked the entire industry still seems to thrive. With the token exploring a higher price range every day, it has become difficult to speculate about the potential of the token.

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Which way will the price move?

In the current market conditions, it is difficult to accurately predict the exact movement of any cryptocurrency. Volatility is occurring not only in the blockchain industry, but also in global markets in general. But it may be possible to estimate the possibilities based on the previous activities of LUNC and other related signs.

In the last 24 hours, LUNC has grown by as much as 50%, bringing its price up to $0.0004 USD. This sustained move could lead to a correction, which could take prices down to the previous all-time high and now support around $0.0003.

While critical comments are currently being made regarding the lack of volume to push LUNC to higher levels, demand for tokens may change due to increasing popularity.

If LUNC retests the price range around $0.00035 and successfully climbs higher, there may be an opportunity for another leg up for the planned one. This spike may probe the $0.00045 area.

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Although many signs of a crash in the market point to the development of the token, it may be good for investors to reconsider buying the token at this time. In general, altcoins are driven by Bitcoin, which indicates strength in a particular project and in the entire crypto industry. However, LUNC currently shows no sign of following BTC’s movements.

As a result, the dying bullishness over the next couple of days could bring the signal lower or lower, contrary to what investors expect to see. While there may be an opportunity for investors to enter, re-evaluating the entry and placing orders accordingly will ensure that funds are not lost.

what is lunch

Created by Terraform Labs as part of the Terra ecosystem, LUNC (then LUNA) has been one of the top crypto projects in the space since the last bull run. The project was introduced and implemented by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. It was one of several projects that rose sharply during the 2021 bull run.

With a large community and support from prominent figures in the financial sector, LUNC is expected to be one of the most valuable projects since its inception. This changed in May 2022, when the token crashed and lost more than 99.99% of its value in a matter of days, wiping billions of dollars off the market.

Terra Classic is built to support UST, which promises complete decentralization and stability. However, since UST is not pegged to hard reserves like gold or dollars, a bug was discovered in the Terra blockchain and used until the project collapsed.

As a solution, CEO Do Kwon came up with a plan to create a new LUNA token and name the first LUNA token LUNC. However, despite the old version, it is noticed that many are still storing their tokens at the same time. thereby increasing prices.

Tamadoge is the main alternative to LUNC, which is unpopular without such a perceived price increase or service. In the year As a project launched in 2022, Tamadog is gaining a large user base thanks to the combination of memecoin status and the right utility.

The project is promoted as a P2E gaming platform and is expected to be fully integrated with Metaverse. A token contract verified by Coinsniper team and audited by SolidProof, TAMA, the native token has been one of the highest earning tokens since last few days.

As a project that boasts of fundamental strengths and a self-sustaining community, similar to LUNC, TAMA will also undergo significant development in the coming months. As of this writing, the project has managed to sell more than $12 million worth of TAMA tokens.

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