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press release. Internet City, Dubai, September 8, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, has listed Materium (MTRM) on September 5, 2022. For business.

As an epic fantasy RPG powered by blockchain technology and developed by Gala Games, Mirandes allows players to decide who they are, choose their own missions, and create their own content in a truly massive game world. To further expand its global reach and help achieve its vision, its native token Materium (MTRM) will be listed on the LBAnk Exchange at 21:00 (UTC+8) on September 5, 2022.

Introducing To be surprised

Mirandus is a virtual MMORPG powered by Gala and blockchain technology, allowing players to own their content.

In Mirandus, players have complete freedom of choice – no maps, no quests. They can venture into the wilderness alone to try their fortunes against the monsters of the deep forest, join one of the kings to serve as a knight in the castle, or buy one of the five great treasures. State. Mirandes is a lonely world. Only the best warriors, artisans and explorers will have access. Players take on role models – each imbued with special powers that help them explore and uncover Mirandus’ mysteries.

Player ownership of in-game assets is a central mechanic of Randus, allowing players to claim a portion of the wilderness and own land holdings ranging from small farms to massive cities.

Each action comes with a basic setting that includes walls to repel monsters, a house for the action owner, and plots where other players in the game can place buildings. To place buildings on another player’s land, players must own a building corresponding to the size of the land and pay the rent to the owner who issues the contract.

The dangers of exploring Mirandus are great – but so are the rewards, as Mirandus is rich in the arcane substance Materium, a potent magic that allows players to cast spells, do the impossible, and raise a slain hero. Dead.

About MTRM Token

Matrium (MTRM) is magic in the world of Mirandes, which is incredibly versatile and powerful, allowing the user to heal wounds and restore strength. It can also be adopted from Mirandus as an ERC-20 token and possibly traded on secondary markets if players so desire.

Mirandes can be found by playing MTRM and exploring the world, for example looting from monsters found in the environment. Mirandus is rich in materium for those who want to support the continent’s disasters – and for those brave souls, the more materium they possess, the more powerful they can be.

MTRM token will be listed on LBank Exchange at 21:00 (UTC+8) on September 5, 2022. Investors interested in Miranda Investments can easily buy and sell MTRM token on LBank Exchange. The MTRM token listing on the LBank exchange will undoubtedly help it expand its business further and attract more attention in the market.

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