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After Bitcoin touched $25K 44 days ago, the crypto asset’s price has lost more than 17.88% against the US dollar. An onchain analysis by Glassnode researchers notes that the price drop has exposed short-term holders to “severe unknown losses”. On the other hand, long-term owners are strong, and Glassnode researchers say that many metrics “show full-cycle toxicity.”

Long-term bitcoin holders hold on tight

According to a recent article by Glassnode and the onchain newsletter, the crypto bear market continues to attract short-term holders. Ukuria On-Chain. Bitcoin (BTC) has traded down 17.88% against the US dollar since August 14th, while BTC is down 9.3% over the 14-day period, and year-to-date, Bitcoin is down 53.2%.

Additionally, 11 months ago on November 10, 2021, BTC fell by 71.3% as the crypto asset’s lifetime value is high. The Glassnode newsletter published on September 26 highlights the Bitcoin Realized Cap HODL Waves chart, which shows how long-term holders of BTC are holding firm.

According to data from the Glassnode Telegram channel prior to the publication of the OnChain newsletter, “3-month+ old coins now hold 86.3% of the USD wealth held by the BTC supply at the top (ATH). Glassnode’s Realized Capitalization HODL Waves chart shows the US dollar wealth held by individual age bands.

Mature Bitcoin Wealth Hits All-Time High - Diamond Hands Trends 'Reluctance To Leverage'

Glassnode details that “with significantly muted maturity costs, the level of HODLing behavior is historically high.” “In a binary system of young and mature coins, an increase in mature coin wealth held in BTC directly leads to a corresponding decrease in young coin wealth.

Regarding long-term owners, Glassnode’s report called “The Great Detox” says:

Currently, the wealth held by mature coins is at ATH, because the behavior of dominant investors is reluctance to spend despite extremely uncertain global markets. As a result, almost all market activity is taking place with the same young coins changing hands over and over again. As the number of young chilling coins continues to dwindle, the tide of the market may shift and eventually lead to a supply glut.

Bitcoin’s ‘Bottoming Process’ and 4-Year Trend

There are many believers in bitcoin’s long-term game. “After months of anticipation, for only the fourth time, bitcoin’s short-term holding price has fallen below its long-term holding price,” Will Clemente said. He wrote On September 24. “This indicates a downward trend. The next cross is a short-term retracement bull cross.”

Mature Bitcoin Wealth Hits All-Time High - Diamond Hands Trends 'Reluctance To Leverage'
Glassnode cost base analysis chart shared by Will Clemente on September 24, 2022.

Michael Saylor of Microstrategy has talked about BTC’s four-year cycles on several occasions. On September 26, as the US dollar continued to weigh down a basket of major fiat currencies, Saylor spoke about bitcoin’s relationship with the greenback in four years.

“Last year currencies fell against the dollar,” Salor said He tweeted.. “CAD -8%, CNY -9%, AUD -11%, ZAR -17%, KRW -18%, EUR -18%, PLN -21%, GBP -22%, JPY -23%, Try -52% . In the last four years, the dollar has fallen -67% against bitcoin, “added the Microstrategy executive.

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