Metaframes launched the epic Diego Maradona collection

In the highly competitive world of professional football (soccer), one name has gone down in history as perhaps the greatest sportsman of all time. A larger-than-life man known for terrorizing defenses with unparalleled skills on the ball combined with explosiveness to create chaos off the field.

Forget your Messi and Ronaldo Diego Maradona He represents a leader who has turned a new generation into the sport. Unfortunately, the controversial star kicked the last football, but now his memory will live forever on the blockchain.

So, to celebrate Argentina’s historic path to the future, next-generation Web3 platform Metaframes has acquired the entertainment and sim rights for the stalwart soccer player and will soon launch the ‘Official Maradona Fanclub (OMFC)’. A great celebration of Maradona and his achievements, with the best collectibles, lucrative prizes and a brand new football management game.

Metaframes Scores 'Worldie' With Epic Diego Maradona Collection

A powerful entry into the world of NFTs

First off the bat, Metaframes is dropping a massive collection of 5,000 individual Diego Maradona ‘Access Pass’ NFTs. They come in three levels of rare, platinum, palladium and rhodium September 22, Each one is painstakingly designed by world-renowned sports artist Paul Trevillion.

Upon activation, collectors will receive a mysterious metal-colored bag dedicated to the Qatar World Cup. However, the content will remain a strictly guarded secret until Metaframes reveals its final form.

Holders receive a number of lifetime benefits at OMFC, including exclusive airdrops for community members, lifetime discounts on content and merchandise, early access to upcoming games, and priority access to future Mints. However, the greatest of all benefits comes as a chance to beat one of the two costs for the World Cup finals later in the year.

Therefore, 10% of all NFT holders will receive an additional level 2 NFT via airdrop, which in turn, will represent an entry into an amazing prize draw to win the ultimate prize. Metaframes will display the winners on October 30Diego Maradona’s birthday. Then the lucky winners will head to Qatar as Maradona’s international guests!

Metaframes Scores 'Worldie' With Epic Diego Maradona Collection

It’s partnered with a new NFT-powered football management game.

That’s not all, as Metaframes has an additional ACE up. Soon the mighty team will launch ‘Goal Rev’, the most immersive and tactical football management game. Players train in the said application. A host of NFT players As they embark on their own epic football journey, regular interactions allow players to develop their team to compete at the highest level.

The amazing OMFC NFT will play the first key element in the game by opening access to the platform and enabling owners to create the first Metatoys, digitally boxed characters representing local football players. An excellent ‘digital living asset’ that develops interactively and allows owners to compete in a number of exciting in-game challenges.

More to come from the official Maradona fan club

Later to the line, the OMFC continues to grow Delivering a deep and meaningful fan experience at a steady pace. As a result, community members can spend more NFTs, compete in tournaments, and visit an expertly curated art gallery. All are a taste of the abundant opportunities yet to come!

So, those who love the beautiful game, now have a chance to participate in the wonderful world of Web3.

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