MetaMask welcomes NFT-hungry institutional investors

Institutional investment is pouring into the crypto world, especially the non-volatile token (NFT) scene. In response to the influx of people, the Metamask Institute has added another layer of protection to its clients at the institutional level.

MetaMask’s partnership with NFT management and storage service Cobo aims to create a “one-stop platform” for large corporations dealing with digital assets.

Although MetaMask is a wallet that is not owned by the average user, the institutional branch of the wallet has been holding custodian partnerships in various countries around the world.

Tavia Wong, Cobo’s director of marketing and business development, told the Cobo Telegraph that custodianship is not only about asset protection, but especially for institutional custodians at the management level.

“Due to the high standards of users and different levels of cleanliness, institutions need additional features to avoid internal failures and the effects of negligence.”

While wallets like MetaMask have previously been considered “user-friendly”, this can be used for large investors in addition to providing protection.

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The new integration allows institutional customers to assign roles within the company alongside internal collaboration tools. According to Wong, this allows for users’ buying, trading and selling restrictions as permitted by the administrator.

“Multi-sig access ensures that no one party can control all assets, eliminating any single point of failure.”

The debate between non-custodial and custodial wallets continues.

Many say, “It’s not your key.” They are in the venue chanting slogans. Not your coins.” Deregulated wallets are often sought after for greater security and financial autonomy.

However, as end users continue to enter the site without a technical background, security wallets often provide a more user-friendly environment. Some users reject the above slogan in favor of greater accessibility for easier adoption:

Traditional financial firms such as Societe Generale, one of the largest investment banks in Europe, have recently launched crypto asset management services to make it easier for their clients.

Nasdaq announced on September 20 that it will offer crypto tutoring services.