Metaverse firm uses NFTs to Minecraft and GTA 5 servers

Although Minecraft creator Mojang Studios opposes the integration of non-viable tokens (NFT), the Metaverse-based company has managed to introduce NFTs into various games, including its own Minecraft server.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Oscar Franklin Tan, Chief Financial Officer of blockchain gaming company Engine, and MyMetaverse CEO Simon Curtonegoro shared how they were able to connect the dots and implement NFT into Minecraft without breaking the rules and conditions.

According to Kertonegoro, Minecraft’s rules on NFTs were meant to protect players from negative experiences, and many servers violated these rules. However, the executive highlighted that they can promote NFTs in their own servers without violating the game rules. They do this by not having any paid NFTs and making the best NFTs available for free. He explained.

“We wanted to show Mojang that it can be done in a way that benefits them and benefits the player base and benefits the gaming industry as a whole. Not that you don’t know, it’s not the fastest way to get people jumping on your server.” […] But we know it’s the right way,” he said.

Tan also weighed in on the topic, saying that he supports Enjin’s efforts to talk to Mojang Studios about the company’s NFT integrated Minecraft server for four years before Minecraft imposed its ban on NFTs.

The executive noted that even China, a country directly opposed to cryptocurrencies, is interested in supporting NFTs. “If it works for the Chinese government, why not Minecraft,” he said.

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In addition to Minecraft, NFTs created by MyMetaverse are also compatible with each other and can be used in games such as the company’s Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) server and its own massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Infinity Realm. Cartonegoro explained:

“These different games, read the user’s wallet, see if they own an NFT and offer them different benefits in the games. […] In Minecraft, this NFT is a sword. NFT is a car in GTA and NFT is home in Infinity Realms.

In addition to this, Tan also expressed his belief that having NFTs working on various games is an important cornerstone for the development of the Metaverse. And so he said.

“Collaboration creates a greater community. It forms the foundation of what we now call the Metaverse, which we’ve been trying to build since 2018.”

With NFTs running on Efinity, Polkadot’s parachain built by the engine, Kartonegoro also highlighted that NFTs will have a positive impact on Polkadot’s wider ecosystem. “The ecosystem can only grow through adoption innovations. That is what we are doing,” he said.