Metaverse is the future – but not using existing platforms?

Metropolis world

The metaverse has the potential to change the way we work, connect, party and even do business – but given the current infrastructure, some would argue that the industry is running before it can even keep up.

Many virtual worlds are making bold promises about what they plan to achieve in the coming years, but they don’t have a tangible product that people can try right now. Even beginners often suffer from poor graphics, a disappointing user experience, or a lack of quality content. This is a bigger problem than meets the eye. If the customer is disappointed or frustrated with their first impression of Metaverse, they probably won’t be back in a hurry.

As things stand, many big brands and A-list celebrities are scrambling to get involved with the metaverse – but platforms in the market have failed to meet the moment. For a sign of the momentum this industry is enjoying, look no further than MTV’s VMAs, which also had a category for the Most Metallizing Performance Award. Nominees include Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Charli XCX and South Korean pop sensation BTS.

Earlier this year, JPMorgan estimated that Metaverse could be a hugely profitable opportunity, generating $1 trillion a year. Immersive concerts once held in major cities can be held in the comfort of fans’ homes, with no gigs sold out. Amazing virtual offices can take working from home to another level. And we’re seeing how much of a fortune top sportswear brands have made selling rare digital sneakers.

For such lofty predictions to come true, Variable Worlds must take into account the daily lives of the consumers they are intended to serve and deliver the “wow factor.” They need to provide an engaging experience that makes going online dynamic and feel alive. This creates a cycle that accelerates growth. Greater user numbers encourage more businesses to build on the space, and in turn, their reach attracts more users.

Creating an unforgettable experience

Metropolis World is one project that is racing the Metaverse industry to its full potential. Its virtual landscape features a marketplace that connects stunning art, digital and physical, as well as a packed itinerary of programs and events. The independent community prides itself on building a unique ecosystem for each city, but quality content makes this platform fun to explore.

The project told Cointelegraph: “We’re theoretically different from other Metaverse worlds with poor user experience and low-level content. Instead, we’re providing an engaging environment that makes the online experience dynamic and alive. People want to explore from the ground up.”

To make this a reality, Metropolis World has raised over $1 million from top investors – along with a roster of founding citizens who represent the who’s who of the industry. Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, Meltem Demirors, 3LAU are some of the previous participants. And even more, the partnership with Flare Network offers interoperability.

The immersive site and first city were built with love – and looking forward, Metropolis World is committed to making sure the remaining five cities in the ecosystem are built to the same standard using Unreal Engine. Dynamic avatars are also about to be released to users – meaning moving between your URL and your IRL self has never been easier.

Why metaverses matter

The early days of the internet were a magical place. Large, centralized social networks were nowhere to be seen – meaning that many users had their own corner of the web. Countless platforms have emerged for every hobby and interest imaginable. Whether you wanted to learn more about railroads in the early 20th century or debate which songs were the best on a David Bowie album, there was always a place to be yourself and meet like-minded people.

Done right, the Metaverse has the potential to reinvent this unique era – allowing us to celebrate who we are, pursue our passions, and control our data. Virtual worlds allow us to be creative, build unique things, and experience cultural events that we only once dreamed of. There was a time when our geographies meant we were excluded from seeing amazing shows and concerts, but Metavas removes these restrictions once and for all. Thousands of miles away from your favorite band? That doesn’t matter anymore.

Metropolis World says substance and style are the order of the day – Metavas done right. Their vision is unstoppable. Imagine crossing a two-tower suspension bridge and watching a live show in an open-air concert hall before heading to your favorite book club.

In the coming months and years, Metavas promises to change the way we live – giving us opportunities we only once dreamed of. But there is work to be done before we get there.

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