Metaverse Market Analysis: September 19-25, 2022

Welcome to Metaverse Market Analysis! Every Monday we bring you the latest news and the general state of the Metaverse market. This column is in collaboration with the amazing team at OneLand, a financing platform for virtual lands in the Metaverse.

The main news

  • The sandbox Due to its increasing size, it starts a unique LAND container. But who is buying?
  • Awaiting the sale of property DecentralizedGround cap pump for the fifth week
  • A dream place He focused on the land economy and achieved immediate results.

Martet data and analysis

Market analysis

The 7-day data shows the total land covers for the 9 Metaverse projects A land 2.62% to 996,060 ETH, or $1.29 billion. In terms of ETH, total transaction volume increased 25% to 2,155.31 ETH on the back of last week. 47% correction And sales numbers are increasing The sandbox.

Meanwhile, DecentralizedMarket value rose for the fifth consecutive week as it regained its pre-eminence in total land cap and parcel prices, if not from the trading activity of its main competitor. The sandbox. Meanwhile, A dream place I enjoyed a strong selection focusing on land economics ahead of the Quaternary sale event in October.


The sandbox

Transaction volume increased by 89%. The sandbox Last week, the project launched new staking pool incentives for landowners only. 291.45 ETH passed through hands on Thursday and Friday The sandboxBest selling two days in over a month. As part of the plan, they will be handing over $3 million sand (or $2.58 million at current prices) in rewards over the next 3 months, which is a bold step in what seems to be an important move.

At least on paper it is presented Big increase for LAND sales, as AlphaSeason3 moves into its second month – sales are up 51% for the week. However, exclusive LAND owners have declined, with the top 1 percent of owners increasing their land share by 3.7%, raising questions about whether the effort will expand their market demand or strengthen the existing landowner base.

A dream place

Dream SpASec He also made a move to revive land sales by announcing that the Quaternary land supply with all the purchased parcels, including Somnium Space, would run until October. The WEB WORLDS feature allows owners to attach pre-made scenes to their land packs. And the ad seems to have done the trick, as all the major metrics of the past 7 days clearly sum up in recent weeks.

Although percentage movements often seem like an exaggeration, it is based on a small case A dream placeA 1,986% increase doesn’t lie. Although a Bad week for some CUBE owners1.5 million CUBEs were hacked for $160 million on market maker Wintermut, and the token increased by 4.3% for the week. A dream placeThe land cap grew at a healthy 6.6 percent.


However, additional asset sales of late, one for 21 ETH, helped. Decentralized For the 5th consecutive week, the land cap has increased its rate of recovery, from 7.86% to 245,370 ETHAlthough transaction volume (-1.1%) and average prices (-5.2%) decreased the week. even if, Decentralized Indeed, June is having its best month since the trough, with transaction volumes, average prices and land ceilings all rising.

Best Seller in Metaverse (7D)

Top selling

Metaverse Tokens (7D)


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