Metaverse Market Analysis: September 5-11, 2022

Welcome to Metaverse Market Analysis! Every Monday we bring you the latest news and the general state of the Metaverse market. This column is in collaboration with the amazing team at OneLand, a financing platform for virtual lands in the Metaverse.

The main news

  • Other sales enjoy a large return, a volume of 90% and high sales
  • DCL enjoys a third consecutive week of recovery in land market prices.
  • Alpha phase 3 failed to launch LAND buyers in the sandbox
  • Somnium Space’s Mixed Reality Fashion Week 2022 and VR Presidential Candidate Press Conference Also Failed to Collect Sales

Martet data and analysis

7-day data shows that (currently) for the 8 Metaverse projects on the same land, it increased by 5.26% to less than $1.67 billion, and the transaction volume increased by 60.77%. This represents the first increase in OneLand’s total land holdings in 15 weeks, with sales volume and price changes almost entirely driven by renewed interest on the other side, perhaps fueled by the new trailer video and subsequent rumors and speculation. A second straight week of trading and price recovery for Decentraland didn’t hurt either.

However, all other land covers declined for the week. The sand especially He did not have a successful second week Alpha Season 3 in terms of LAND sales, with key weekly metrics all in red. Somnium Space didn’t fare as well, though it was another interesting week in terms of VR debuts. NFT worlds continue to slide, while the World Wide Web has come back down to earth following a more optimistic past selloff.

ETH is up 10.61% for the week as expectations heat up ahead of next week’s consolidation.

Main table_September 5-11

The sandbox

There was no positive effect on LAND’s sales activity. The sandbox As Alpha Season 3 moves into its third week. With a high of 2.14 ETH and low sales numbers, the land ceiling fell another 6.15% and now stands at 176,057 ETH, where it was restored on November 27.

Perhaps the rally in the price of $ETH (+10.61%) caused some reluctance to buy, although the price of the native token $SAND remained stable during the week.


with Decentralized Enjoying a recovery in volumes and land cap over the past two weeks, The Sandbox has returned to a clear third place behind Centralland in terms of both land market values ​​and average parcel value.

Centralland experienced a market price recovery for the third week in a row, rising 4.76%. Property for sale for 25 ETHAlthough sales were down 24 percent. Also, the average value of a packet increased by 43% to 3.4 ETH. Decentraland hopes to re-cross the 200,000 ETH threshold it fell under on the last day of July.

A dream place

Somnium Space may have had a great week on the technology front, as it hosted the world’s first mixed-reality fashion week as well as the first presidential candidate press conference held in virtual reality. But it had no impact on Landnomics, with a few 3-packs sold and 2.0 ETH high selling, the average price dropped 90% to 1.13 ETH per week.

True faith in the future of VR and its diversity, founder Artur Sychov expects at least some positive changes in VRE sales at the quarterly ground sales event next month, which he dropped the news at the start of Somnium Space Fashion Week. September 8, 2022

other side

On the other hand, the green 7-day gauge saw a broad week-to-week return, which on the back of a new epic trailer released last week and other acts became the 6th best-selling NFT of all time (discussed in more detail in our August report published last week). On the other hand, it ended the week with an increase of 11.52% on the 500,000 ETH discount set another month ago.

Thursday saw the volume of trading Other conditions rose 355%. 1424.74 ETH compared to the last 24 hours (502% higher than the average daily rate in August). Another prestigious #12 was sold for 279 ETH, followed by sales of 250, 229, 140, 110, 93, 75 and 72 ETH. To put this in context, another one last sold for 100 ETH was back on June 30th, when the ETH price was $1,094, down 38% from September 8th.

Best Seller in Metaverse (7D)

Top Sale_September 5-11 (1)

Metaverse Tokens (7D)

Metaverse Tokens_Sep5-11

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