Monkey Drinks Monkey Water at Metaverse Boutique ARTCADE

Last week, on September 22, Web3 beverage company Up Drinks launched its limited edition water brand Up Water. The official launch took place at Metaverse Boutique, ARTCADE, by Fred Segal, Sunset Boulevard. This is the first drop by Monkey Drinks Company and the fans queued up to get the new product. The initiative was launched by Fred Segal, a four-week, BAYC pop-up themed APECADE. The unique water bottles will soon be available online for everyone to try. However, Monkey Drinks is announcing discounts at retailers on social media.

Monkey water in a gold can with a glass around it
Monkey Water is the first product by Monkey Beverages.

Monkey Drinks introduced its first product – Monkey Water

Web3 lifestyle beverage company App Drinks has big plans, and the water launch is the first drop for the all-American brand. Monkey Beverages presents a fresh approach to the beverage market, and the product features IP from the popular NFT project Bored Up Yacht Club.

The limited edition 16 oz. Water cans are available directly from Mitty Shatta California. This is one of the cleanest natural springs on earth.

APECADE is a month-long monkey event.

The launch of Monkey Water launched the APECADE event. This month-long event will take place at BAYC’s popular ARTCADE Metaverse boutique curated by Fred Segal on Sunrise Boulevard, Los Angeles. It was so successful that people lined up to pick up and collect the new drink.

Picture of a queue for monkey water
Huge queues formed to buy and sample the new drink.

The event is to unite the monkey community and celebrate the BAYC project. During this four-week regulatory period, there will be BAYC products sold at APECADE. Additionally, attendees will have access to original content, compilations, and a variety of exciting events.

At the launch, one lucky guest won a 1 1 “can of gold”. This gold tin allows future Monkey Waters to earn personal collections, merchandise, and other rewards.

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