Monthly Metaverse Market Analysis: August 2022

Welcome to Metaverse Market Analysis! Every Monday we bring you updates and an overview of the Metaverse market.This week’s article is a monthly overview of the Metaverse market. This column is in collaboration with the amazing team at OneLand, a financing platform for virtual lands in the Metaverse.

The main news

  • Metaverse real estate remains in for a tough August as blue-chip projects take a big dip in land caps and token prices plummet.
  • Sandbox will launch Alpha Season #3 in 10 weeks, hoping for a recovery in land sales.
  • Decentraland sees no way out of a bear market.
  • World Wide Web flexes its muscle with new NFT integration tools and partnerships.

Martet data and analysis

Things weren’t looking good for virtual world economies in August, with the total land coverage of all 7 Metaverse projects listed on OneLand (The sandbox, Decentralized, voxels, A dream place, World Wide Web, NFT worlds And other side) down 15.85% to 888,309 ETH or $1.378 billion.

It represents a 9.9% decline from July and a reversal of the global NFT market’s monthly results. It is also the first time that the total land cap of the 7 projects has fallen below 1 million ETH. other side He first entered the fray on May 1.

Main table_August 2022

It is clear that the worst performance in terms of percentage of crypto August is the result of the lowest mass, blue chip projects. other side (-18.2%) The sandbox (-18.6%) and Decentralized (-8.3%), none of them had good months. However, all 7 projects faced a reduction in the ceiling, but only voxels And World Wide Web Marketing activity has increased.

The price of ETH fell 8.15%, in contrast to July’s 54% gain, which contributed somewhat to the result. With the lowest trend, the Metaverse index It fell 26% to end the month at $34.

Metaverse Tokens – August 2022

Top sales (in scale) - August 2022
Top sales (by scale) – August 2022

Metaverse projects

The sandbox

The sandbox

Business volume in LAND The sandbox It continued to plunge in August, falling 40.6% on the back of a 30% decline in July. The average price per parcel fell (-29.4%) to end the month at a low of 1.61 ETH, putting downward pressure on the land ceiling, which fell 18.6% to 200,000 ETH for the first time since November. It’s true – that was during the meteoric rise. The sandboxWhen the price of $ETH was three times what it is now, however, it makes the comparison even clearer.

The Sandbox: Market Price Trend and ETH Price Trend (ETH) – September 2021 – August 2022

In the year August 24th saw the launch of Alpha Season 3, the longest, largest and most accessible of all Alpha seasons. As stated in Summary of last weekThis period lasts for a full 10 weeks and is deep in the bear market, so it will be very interesting to see the effect on LANDS trading.

While there were no sales pickups in the first week, the last few days of August saw some high-priced sales. The sandbox In one month, including one LAND for 19.98 ETH. Exclusive owners are also in the running from the start of the season, which could mean a fall between June and mid-August.



In August there was no break from sight DecentralizedBear market slide. The land cap fell another 8.3% to 183,175 ETH, less than half of its June peak. Another monthly rate drop (-16.5%) doesn’t look healthy on the heels of July’s 80%. DecentralizedEconomy.

Although the sales count remained the same as in July, both months failed to register a single-day volume of more than 22 ETH. In comparison, this was constant every day in June, when the highest trading day was 145 ETH.

Decentralized Earth: Trading Volume (ETH) and Exclusive Traders – September 2021 – August 2022

While July recorded highs of 50, 44, 33, 25, 19 and 12 ETH, August’s highs were only 11.39 ETH (home). Additionally, a 2-month rally in the second half of August resulted in falling manna prices to end the month 24.5% lower than it started.

The number of unique land holdings continues to increase, MoM and WoW. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to prove whether this represents strong community trust, cheap package prices, or an increasing amount of money held by cash-strapped people. Events such as the third edition DecentralizedArt Week isn’t currently seeing a huge increase in foot traffic or a resurgence in property sales.



A peak sale of 12.5 ETH on August 2 was enough to see a 9.7% trading volume. voxels, but nothing else positive. Sales were up for the month, but the average price was down 30% for the second month in a row, sending the market down another 2.54% to 16,645 ETH, the number it saw at the end of November.

Voxels: Trading Plots (ETH) – August 2022

July’s decision to lay off staff and focus on its core product — pausing promotions, partnerships and new landmines — bore some fruit in August, when the team rolled out a series of technology updates. Still, neither the decision to reduce the landscape nor the burnt party they have to show is seen. voxels Just lift the head above the water line. Giving a $FOOLK package to a 12,000 wallet can’t hurt though. Meanwhile, the number of unique landowners is increasing, increasing another 2% per month.

A dream place


A dream place August experienced a decline on the back of a very impressive July. Perhaps founder Artur Sykov is launching the new Web3 social media platform. Accuracy In the year On August 19, he drew his and others’ attention to the opposite of meta (something that one is forced to deny). Twitter) due to the suspension of land sales following the announcement.

Overall, it wasn’t a good month as usual, as transaction volume dropped 89% from 68 to 38 ETH. With a 33% decrease in sales count and a 15% decline in average price; dreamLand cap fell 4.1% month on month.

Somnium Location: Market Price Trend and Land Price Trend (ETH) – August 2022

dreamThe bear market suffered on the back of the native token CUBE as the economy fell to $24.93 from its February ATH of $24.93. The 40% price increase in the first week of August was short-lived, as prices fell during the rest of the month (+9.1%). In terms of ETH, Somnium’s land cap fell in March-April and has remained in the 13,000-14,000 ETH zone since then.

World Wide Web

World Wide Web

As soon as the team started working hard in July, the information we provided was the same as in August. World Wide Web It has already released a series of updates, including a new integration tool that it claims will add “1 million+” NFTs integrated into the project. Last month, NFTs from Meetbits, Moonbirds, Staycool, Dead Fellaz, The Doge Pound, Dippies and Picaroons, as well as POAPs, were all added to the 2D virtual world. WorldwideWebb has released news of a collaboration with Immutable X and GameStop.

The good news has had an impact on business since July, especially in the first half of the month, as sales numbers and volumes picked up again. The highlight was really big. 25 ETH sale He changed his mind on August 3rd, as the last sale close to this amount was one 17.97 ETH Back in May.

Nothing was offered after this, with premium sales a very rare event of late for all projects, except maybe another party. The world wide web’s land cap experienced a modest decline of 1.36%, while holdings continued to decline, dropping another 0.55% on the month.

World Wide Web: Trade Volume and ETH Price Trend (ETH) – August 2022
NFT worlds


No economic recovery has yet been seen. NFT worlds Ever since Minecraft banned NFTs, signs are at least emerging that it’s been hard at work since the team promised to create a new platform and released a new Tokenomics paper in late July.

The last week of August saw the team open up a new dev channel in Discord and fill it with tons of updates as well as letting the public know that they can expect Minecraft content to ensure a seamless transition to the new game.

Generally, all parameters are red b NFT worlds In August, transaction volume (-78%) and sales (-64%) decreased significantly while the main sales volume stabilized and the average price fell below 1 ETH. NFT worldsThe land cap fell 19.8% to 34,184 ETH in August – a 57% drop from May and a 29% drop from July 20, when Minecraft banned NFTs.

NFT Worlds: Trading Plots (ETH) – August 2022
other side

other side

other sideThe total land cap dropped 18.2% this month to 435,733 ETH for the month, dropping below half a million ETH for the first time. Following a 22% increase in the average ETH price in July (a month in which ETH was up 54%), things have leveled off this month, with a significant drop in trading activity. Other work that has been rewarded has seen a significant sell-off of late, with August 3 seeing sales above 50 ETH, down from 5 in July and above 10 in June.

Regardless, these prices add up other sideThe 2,064 sales (-20.5%) and 7,334 ETH volume (-45.1%) not only dwarfed all other projects, but were always enough to see the sales of other products impressively. 1.035 billion dollars And, in doing so, surpass NBA Top Shot to record the largest NFT sales volume of all time. Achieving such a feat in the short 4-month history of the crypto winter shows not only the capital and power of Yuga Labs, but also the pulling power of the metaverse.

other side
Other: Market Cap and Volume (ETH) – August 2022

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