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Nanjing University in China has reportedly launched one of the first institutions of higher learning to study metaverse-related knowledge. The university in eastern China said the new push is to offer new Metaverse-related courses that will help more students meet the needs of Metaverse companies.

Nanjing University to train Metaverse staff

More universities and educational institutions around the world are including MetaVas as a component in their courses. At this time, Nanjing University in the eastern part of China will launch one of the latest metaverse push, one of the major metaverses in the country.

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology is transforming one of its core departments, the Information Engineering Department, into the “Metaverse Engineering Department”, with the aim of integrating Metaverse-related courses into the university. According to sources, this may be the first episode to include the word “metaverse” in China.

Pan Zhigeng, the dean of the newly named department, said that this step will help to integrate the institution with Metaverse-related enterprises, identify the needs of these groups, and train more talents to fill their rosters.

Ziegeng also revealed that students will be qualified to serve in three different fields, including smart healthcare, smart education and digital tourism. To advance the university in these areas, the department will establish three different working groups: Metaverse Research Institute, Smart Meteorology Research Institute and Smart Medical Research Institute.

Metaverse and education

Other universities are also using Metaverse as a tool to facilitate student communication and integration. In July, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology announced the construction of an online Metaverse campus called MetahQuest, which will allow remote students to study together while being in the same location. This gives better results than using 2D video applications (such as Zoom) for the same presentation, according to university staff.

Also, in July, the University of Tokyo announced that it would offer Metaverse engineering courses later this year.

Earlier this month, Meta reported that it had partnered with Victorixer, a Metaverse construction company, to create 10 online Metaverse campuses. It’s part of the Immersive Learning Project, a $150 million initiative that seeks to promote diversity in educational environments.

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