Napoleon Dynamite Reunited in Web3’s Animated Series, Sega’s Blockchain Game, and More

The lead actors from the cult film Napoleon Dynamite are reuniting for an animated series powered by blockchain technology.

According to a Sept. 27 report from Hollywood news outlet Deadline , the Napoleon Dynamite stars are all set to debut a 12-minute pilot for CyKo KO , Rob Feldman’s animated adaptation of the comic book of the same name. Awarded by Web3 streaming service.TV.

Napoleon Dynamite was shot in just 22 days and had a limited budget of $400,000, but developed a worldwide following in 2010. It is an indie-comedy from 2004. The main cast includes John Hader, Tina Majorino, Efren Ramirez and John Gris.

Heder, who played Napoleon Dynamite, takes on the role of the main character, who has the same name as the show. CyKo KO follows the story of a hero who defends the colonies of “SuperEarth” from enemies and giant monsters. A 12-minute pilot is reportedly being developed at this stage.

As part of the event’s fundraising process, Rewarded.TV will be hosting CyKo KO NFT Card collectible packs on sale on October 1st.

The packs start at $59 a pop and are developed in partnership with Theta Labs. You can catch all episodes of Hodler of ZNFTs series 1 along with other shows and movies on Rewarded.TV.

Monthly prizes and a chance to meet the CyKo KO cast or be in the pilot are also mentioned.

Cyko KO NFT Drop: Rewarded.TV

Web3’s streaming platform allows users to earn RPLAY tokens and NFT rewards for time spent watching media, while people can earn money by launching their own content.

Sega’s first blockchain game

Japanese giant Sega is set to release its first blockchain game on the Oasis Layer-2 network, HOME verse.

According to an announcement from Oasis on Tuesday, the game is based on Sega’s Legend of the Three Kingdoms love story. Sangoku Tyson An arcade-based card game Franchise.

The game itself is developed and operated by double and consists of a digital collectible card game, possibly involving a PVP battle mode.

Artwork from the SEGA SANGOKUSHI TAISEN game franchise: Oasis

While it doesn’t represent a triple-A quality gaming launch, the move is significant as it shows that Sega is finally ready to dip its toes into the blockchain gaming market.

Speaking to Cointelegraph earlier this month at the 2022 Tokyo Games Show, Oasis representative director Ryo Matsubara emphasized that big gaming companies in Japan such as Bandai Namco, Sega and Square Enix all have a long-term vision for blockchain-based gaming.

“They don’t. [want to] Change the policy. You understand the future of blockchain adoption right. They’re not thinking about, you know, just the income, they want to create the next future [of gaming],” he said.

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The creator of PUBG sees the next Metaverse game

Brendan Greene, the creator of the popular survival shooter game PUBG, has revealed that his next game, called Artemis, is a Metaverse-based title that may have NFT and blockchain elements.

In an interview with Hit Points on Wednesday, Green explained that the game will allow players to create whatever they like in a large open world, and that digital items like NFTs will allow users to extract value from the digital items outside of the game.

“We are building a digital space. It has to have an economy, and it has to have systems in place. And I believe you should be able to extract value from the digital space; It should be like the internet where you can do something that will make you money.

But not like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. A cool kid sells cool skin because he understands what people want,” he added.

Mega ETH loaned to Mega Mutant Apes.

A prolific NFT collector used NFT lending platform Arcade this week to borrow 1,044 Ether (ETH) along with two Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs.

At the time of writing, 1,044 ETH was worth $1.33 million, and Holler, who goes by @fragmentxyz on Twitter, used the borrowed capital to buy another rare MAYC NFT for 1,000 ETH.

The loan repayment terms at @fragmentxyz have an interest rate of 18% API and must be repaid within 90 days. The move represents a new method of exiting liquid NFTs without selling them (theoretically) and suggests that hodler is betting that there will be no significant price volatility for MAYC NFTs over the next three months.

Other Nifty news

Christie has launched its own NFT “on-chain auction platform”, which allows auctions to be conducted entirely on-chain on the Ethereum network.

The Walt Disney Company may be on the verge of expanding into the crypto space after posting a new job for an “experienced corporate attorney” to work on “emerging technologies” like NFTs and Metaverse.