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After successfully raising $19 million between July 25 and September 18, Tamadoge is set to list on the Seychelles-based OKX on Tuesday, September 27.

Offering a real practical utility, Tamadoge meme coin is more than just jokes and memes. There will be a P2E crypto game where players can compete against each other using virtual pets. Prominent financial analysts are stating that tamadoge coin has high potential and has an ICO on its launch day.

Several crypto giants including Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, etc. have lost out to Tamadog in terms of performance. In addition to Tamadogge’s superior growth potential, pre-sales performance has also been proven. According to some experts, the growth rate can be more than 10X.

Now visit the OKX exchange

Your capital is at risk.

How to get Tamadoge?

The only way to get TAMA after the pre-sale is to register on OKX, create a wallet, top up with USDT/ETH and make a purchase when the coin is listed on the exchange.

Moreover, the platform will award $10,000 in TAMA tokens to those who complete nine tasks to increase their chances of winning.

Tamadog OKX

To know how to open an account on OKX, you can watch the video linked below.

Tamadog OKX
YouTube video

2022 Top Other Upcoming Crypto Lists to Look For

Most of the projects mentioned below (except Tamadoge) are in the pre-sale stage and potential investors should do their research before investing.

  1. Tamadog (TAMA)
  2. Web3betting (W3B)
  3. Elizabeth II Coin (Elizabeth)
  4. SpaceIn (IN)
  5. SimbaX (SIMBAX)

Battle Infinity (IBAT) – New stacking feature

While it’s not a new crypto listing that was listed as Battle Infinity a few days ago by Pancakeswap, the project has now introduced a ‘Staking feature’. This allows the players to hold their holdings by depositing and locking them for a certain period of time, in return stakeholders get additional benefits for their various activities on the platform.

With its amazing P2P elements and virtual world, Battle Infinity is fully audited and one of the best metaverse platforms. In an interactive metaverse called Battle Arena, players are allowed to engage in six different arenas.

To ensure digital security, the entire ecosystem is KYC – verified by CoinSniper.

Different staking

IBAT staking option is available on the official website.

Battle Infinity’s metaverse runs on $IBAT – the platform’s native BEP – 20 token. With a total supply of 10 billion tokens, $IBAT can be used both as a reward for a talented game or to purchase virtual advertising space such as a billboard.

The Battle Infinity presale has sold out in record time with its amazing road map to the future. Since its launch on PancakeSwap, IBAT has risen almost 40X from its pre-sale price.

Take IBAT now

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Tamadoge – Meme Play to earn coins

Tamadoge logo
  • Get TAMA in battles with Doge’s pets
  • Sealed Supply of 2 Billion, Token Burn
  • Presale collected 19 million dollars in less than two months
  • The upcoming ICO on the OKX exchange

Tamadoge logo

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