NFT photographs of Mary J. Blige and Nas

Chi Modu Estate in collaboration with LTD.INC today announced an exclusive collection of NFT photography. With the aim of bridging the physical and digital experience with NFT prints and digital NFTs, this is a great opportunity to acquire artwork from the late photographer Chi Modu. The ‘Chi Modu Trinity Collection’ includes printed and digital NFTs integrated with NFC, providing instant authentication.

An image showing the photos of Chi Mode NFT
The Chi Modu NFT collection focuses on photographs of Mary J. Blige, Nas and Method Man.

Moreover, NFT holders get exclusive access to relevant digital content and communities. The NFTs feature images of hip hop legends Mary J. Blige, Method Man and Nas.

Who is Chi Modu?

Photographers capture moments and keep them forever, but in Chi Modu’s case, he did more than that. The late artist captured culture and is responsible for the iconic images of the 90s hip-hop movement. These Chi Modu images are now entering the Web3 world as NFTs in its massive archives.

He photographed the artists. He described not only ‘artists’ but also people. Up and coming musicians he has photographed include Tupac Shakur, Notorious Big, Mary J. Blige and LL Cool J.

Mary J Blige sitting image
Chi Modu is a prolific photographer who captured images of the 90’s hip-hop movement. Mary J. Blige photo by Chi Modu.

The Chi Modu NFT collection helps young people in the arts

Sadly, Chi Modu passed away in 2021. However, thanks to Chi Modu Property and LTD.INC, the art will live forever on the blockchain.

His mission was to make art inclusive and accessible to all. The Chi Modu Foundation aims to provide education and mentorship to young children and adults in the arts community. Proceeds from the NFT project will go to the foundation.

“Chi Modu believed that art should be accessible to everyone, and he has rights to his work to continue sharing it with the communities that inspired him and his subjects,” said Sophia Modu, manager of the Chi Modu Estate.

Chi mode NFTs focus on three artists

The new collection of Chi Modu NFTs focuses on three international hip hop superstars. Figures of Mary J. Blige, Method Man and Nas will soon be sold on the LTD.INC NFT platform.

Image of meth man with white background Chi Modu NFT
Each image in the collection has 7 digital prints and 77 digital NFTs.

There is one image of each artist in the collection. Each image has seven NFC-embedded prints and 77 digital NFTs. This is in honor of Modu’s lucky number, seven.

The seven prints in the Chi Modu NFT collection are created on museum-grade archival fine art photographic paper. They also come in digitally animated NFT.

This digital twin serves as proof of ownership and provides access to unique digital communities. This effective fast authentication method uses a combination of LTD. INC’s exclusive NFC technology with smart contracts.

“We are excited to share with the world the first images of Chi Modu, along with physical and digital products,” said Daryl Kelly, CEO of LTD.INC. “Using smart contract technology, we will restore lifetime ownership of their work to artists and, most importantly, create equity for creators in an unbalanced financial ecosystem.”

Brass figure in black and white from the Chi Modu NFT collection by
Funds raised from the NFT collection support children and adults in the arts through the Chi Modu Foundation.

What is LTD.INC?

LTD.INC is a platform that helps famous artists, creators and brands launch physical + digital NFT collections and experiences. Founded in London in 2020, LTD.INC makes NFTs integrated into all aspects of life. They take advantage of both physical and virtual realms; Design, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, music and sports. Additionally, they have their own LTD.INC mobile app and scanning technology. These tools allow instant authentication and access to exclusive content and experiences. As a result, creators can control their IP through the secondary market.

The power of Web3

Ultimately, this is a great example of the power of Web3 and how traditional artists can benefit from the technology. Not only does Chi Modu’s NFT collection showcase his masterpiece to a new audience, but it also allows the property to generate revenue streams through secondary sales and royalties.

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