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Since the bear market has become evident, all relevant categories in the blockchain industry have taken a big hit. NFTs were not spared from this crash either. In the past 2 years, the emerging sector, which had established itself as a high potential, fell in value and created a sense of panic among investors.

But this did not last long. While the NFT market has not been able to maintain its former glory in terms of value, it has certainly survived and regained strength. Projects that have suffered major setbacks are now able to scale back up, increasing engagement and commercialization.

Currently worth around $2.3 billion, the NFT market has amassed quite a large community. Projects were popping up every day with more or less nothing to offer. However, people are eager to spend their money to get their hands on some of these assets, which often have no fundamental value.

Although the market is saturated with a huge number of projects that do not offer any promise and appreciate in value due to advertising, there are some exceptions. Some projects have used this crypto winter as a good opportunity to start with strong partnerships and fundamentals that can eventually grow.

One such project that has been gaining popularity lately is Beast-like. It recently announced a partnership with NFT Signals, a popular NFT trading signal service.

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About the latest partnership

This simple agreement recently announced between NFT Signals and Beastlike NFT could be beneficial for both parties. The arrangement between them is that every Beastlike NFT holder will be entitled to a 15% discount on all NFT Signals purchasable packages. On the other hand, NFT signals receive 100 authorized positions for NFT collection.

Such a partnership, which benefits two communities at once, has been gaining praise from NFT enthusiasts. Both organizations’ social media accounts posted announcements regarding the partnership on September 15. Following this, the project was able to generate followers and engagement from the NFT Signals community and vice versa.

This isn’t the only partnership Beastlike has announced in the past few days. It is already linked to many other major platforms in the space like GRIT, NFTdaily, See Turtles etc.

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Why is Beastlike NFT gaining popularity?

At a glance, Beast-like NFTs show some artistic and unique pieces in their NFT collection. It is an innovative approach to creating a utility for NFTs, thus providing more value to holders.

It will be the end of the silos between online based card games and board games. With Beast-like NFTs, your character can exist in all formats. The team is currently working on 3D models of cards, which may eventually be integrated into Metavas.

Beast-like NFTs

Beast-like features a collection of 30,000 unique pieces. However, unlike many of its competing projects, it contains more than 10 core characters. This means that it contains not only different features and accessories, but also different beasts.

The approach taken by the developers – 50 ancient animal species, which includes 10 elementary tribes that can be distinguished. There are a total of 20 animals in the collection. Among the many benefits that the project holder will be entitled to, some should be graphic novel, stock platform, digital currency, membership club and discount offers.

About NFT signals

NFT Signals is one of the most popular NFT trading services among NFT traders. It is highly recommended by both experienced and new traders due to its easy-to-understand interface and approach. At the time of writing, NFT Signals has accumulated a total group profit of over $53 million.

It is a paid membership model and allows the user to decide if they want to allocate a percentage of their funds to trading NFTs. Although it works in such a situation, it has been very successful as a signal service.

Beastlike is set to begin production on September 19. Each NFT will cost 0.05 ETH for authorized members and 0.09 ETH for public sale. Both mentioned organizations have announced the collection since the partnership, which will allow the project’s value to increase over time.

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