Nian Heroes Announces NFT Airdrop for Genesis Guardian This October

Nian Heroes, the upcoming battle royale NFT shooter game on the Solana blockchain, has announced the release date for this month’s Genesis Guardian NFT airdrop. On October 7th, holders of the original Genesis Nyan NFT from the previous mint will receive this new Hero Mech as a free NFT via airdrop. The Genesis Guardian airdrop includes a unique boxing game. Additionally, the NFT mech character will be playable when the game officially launches.

Image of Nian Heroes characters fighting the robot Genesis Guardians
Nian Heroes is releasing Genesis Guardian NFTs via a free airdrop.

Genesis Guardian NFT Airdrop from Neon Heroes

Neon Heroes is the latest addition to the amazing ecosystem; Genesis Guardian NFT. Available only to Genesis Nian NFT owners, it’s a great opportunity to get a head start before the game even starts.

Anyone who wants to participate in a weather event must own a Genesis Nyan NFT. Those who do not own it can purchase it through OpenSea, Magic Eden or Solanart before the deadline on October 4th, 7 AM (UTC).

“We are proud to be at a stage of development where we can begin to deliver on our promise to the Nian Heroes community,” said Max Fu, CEO and co-founder of Nian Heroes. “Early supporters who believe in our project will be rewarded when the game launches, seeing our dream come true.”

About Nian heroes

Nyan Heroes is a 60-player, third-person, battle royale shooter game built on the Solana blockchain. It is an extremely interesting project created by a group of famous game developers. Some of the team members have worked on huge game franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Marvel’s Avengers, Destiny and others.

Additionally, there is a huge buzz around the game in the NFT gaming community. When the game starts, it will have different game modes that will create a truly immersive experience.

The latest edition of Nian Heroes is the Genesis Guardian NFTs, which are playable mech characters in the game. Legend of the Nian Heroes focuses on cute cats in robotic mechanical suits (Mechs) fighting killer robots across the galaxy.

In addition to creating an amazing game, the team of Nian Heroes is helping to save the lives of cats worldwide. Nian Heroes has an official partner in the Best Friends Animal Association. Together, they donated $350,000 using the proceeds from the first game drive.

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