OnePlanet has completed the migration to Polygon

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OnePlanet, the NFT marketplace, has completed its migration to Polygon. The NFT marketplace announced the development in a tweet on Wednesday. The completion of the migration means that the users will be able to trade their own OnePlanet NFTs on the Polygon network.

According to OnePlanet, its migration to the blockchain network was revealed through its long-term partnership with Polygon. The NFT Marketplace has revealed its plan to use the tools necessary to transition NFTs to Polygon. OnePlanet hopes to emerge as a marketplace for NFT facilities and ensure they are clearly defined and understood.

OnePlanet, however, appreciates community members for promoting the project. It also acknowledges support from Polygon and Polygon Studio for the success of the migration. According to OnePlanet, it looks forward to further cooperation and support from the blockchain solutions provider.

OnePlanet believes that the partnership with Polygon will enhance the entire NFT ecosystem. OnePlanet announced its partnership with Polygon Studios a few months ago. According to NFT Marketplace, the partnership “provides foundation-level support to continue building towards our roadmap.” This development positions OnePlanet as the first “Polygon native launch and marketplace to create the natural hub of the Polygon NFT universe.”

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The company’s collaboration was to get immediate support for Terra and Polygon’s NFT projects and communities. Through its occasional partnership with Polygon, NFT Marketplace intends to find funding for its projects and community.

In addition, OnePlanet intends to accelerate efforts to ensure soft landings of Terra NFT projects. “It is announced that current holders of Terra NFT projects will be able to migrate and list their NFTs on the new OnePlanet marketplace on the Polygon Blockchain. He added that the protocol will continue the seamless migration of the network.

OnePlanet raised $3.35 million in its latest funding round

The protocol, in the recent past, has also recently raised over $3.35 million in seed funding. Hashed led the round; One Planet said it intends to use the money to boost its technological capabilities. Also, the NFT marketplace has launched an NFT competition. Out of the 78 projects that were observed, only 12 met the required criteria and were announced on the network.

OnePlanet CEO Preece Cho said the NFT marketplace plans to develop an Instagram-focused SNS to improve the NFT ecosystem. According to the CEO, the development will strengthen the protocol’s management system.


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