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press release. Finally, the time has come. Twelve hours have passed to farm the materials needed for a new mighty axe. The ultimate weapon crafted by the Forge takes the player to unprecedented heights of power, but has no real value just for the player to acquire.

If you have spent hundreds of hours playing MMORPGs, this feeling of dread is all too familiar to gamers. Playing games takes time, effort, and sometimes real money, but all that effort doesn’t change players’ empty wallets. Instead, the game industry spends a lot of resources to ensure that game items are worthless and result in RMT bans.

But Miranda is not much in the game. Finally, an MMORPG where every item has value. Does a cache found by a player in Unexplored Glade contain tools that are not needed for their gameplay? You can put it on the market for sale, so someone else can use it, and much more. The game brings a revolutionary era for MMORPG and blockchain gaming!

The fantasy RPG of the future?

Mirandus Everything is a game with real value beyond the confines of the fantasy world. As a fully Web3 integrated MMORPG, everything that makes up the in-game world is entirely owned by gamers. Players can use items and game spaces made and created by other players, such as swords, to defend against monsters and hide in cities to avoid goblins. It’s a big deal for both Web3 and the RPG genre as a whole!

Any player in Mirandus can play as any model. These NFT tokens can be traded freely on secondary markets and come with different seeds and special benefits. Most of them are normal. And it’s readily available on OpenSea.But some examples are rare; For example, out of 50,000 total templates, only 1000 are elves.

Mirandus is shaping the future of the MMORPG genre by being revolutionary and innovative. It is a game based on the idea that the players own their character and everything that comes with developing their character in the game. And this gives the players a sense of ownership and enthusiasm, they are encouraged to explore the game and find different places and items – because they can’t waste their time and provide value for the time lost, outside of real life. Game too.

Adventurers unknown

The game To be surprised It’s a Web3 dream come true for many. Having complete control over creating their gameplay and world, telling the story you want, crafting the tools you want with real-world value, and unlimited exploration of vast unexplored areas is truly magical. Players begin their adventures in the wilds of the world, waiting for secrets to be discovered.

Suddenly, what a player does during the game has real value. All exploration and adventure will yield benefits in real life. Perhaps, in the game, the player character is a master craftsman, producing things that others need and have access to. Or some equipment/equipment is useless to a player who can quickly sell it to someone else on OpenSea to save hours of searching and farming for materials.

It’s fun to think about all these concepts in an MMORPG. Creating a real-world economy around time and success with your character could revitalize a long-standing genre. Many players are happy to spend their money on their RPG adventures, but game developers reject any efforts to RMT and refuse to provide real value for any in-game items. MMORPGs have always generated strong economies of scale, but they remain cut off from real value unless it’s for the benefit of the game publisher. However, integrating Web3 into games can transform the genre into something more rewarding for gamers.

Mirandus cannot come soon enough.

Mirandus is still growing, but there is positive news about its development. The development team has been updating the public about a few game tests so far and their progress in the game is evident Disagreement community. For example, early game fans who owned the template had the opportunity to participate in the beta version playtest and received Materium – an in-game currency.

Overall, the game has some broad, pronounced goals for a Web3 game and MMORPG. It’s an epic adventure game, where players can truly make the game their own—owning game assets, grabbing real valuable resources, and embarking on uncharted quests and adventures.

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