OpenSea expands its horizons with a new Arbitrum update

Global-Now NFT Marketplace, OpenSearecently announced its arrival Decision Layer 2 chain to the services. As a result, allowing arbitrage-based NFTs to be listed and traded on the platform that connects to the Thought Network.

This latest development brings the number of chains supported by OpenSea to a total of five dizzying heights. Thus, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Clyde will float their digital commodities on the market and allow OpenSea to cast an even wider net than before. NFT landscape.

Starting with compensation, OpenSea lists the most popular. Decision sets On the circuit, including offerings from Smallverse, GMX Blueberry Club and the awesome Diamond Pep. However, OpenSea notes that creators need to access their NFTs and set their own fees, especially from day one.

All of this comes as news broke that Arbitrum had recently averted a massive breach on Ethereum Bridge. However, thanks to the timely intervention of a white hat hacker RiptidesThe team managed to take the risk, giving Riptide an impressive 400 ETH bug bonus for the trouble.

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