Orange Comet summons the heroes in the Walking Dead NFTs.

As the unstoppable march of time marches relentlessly into the most stressful month of the year, the legions of the undead will once again emerge from their restless slumber. From the bowels of hell they are biting through dirt and mud, dragging them into the realm of the living.

But when they want to satisfy their insatiable intellectual thirst, something stands in their way. Apocalypse-Strong Warriors Iron steel and desire to live. Then make way, b the walking dead Land Signature 3D Avatars, fresh from Orange comet Design studios, and you’ll be eager to conquer the undead pits.

Heading to the blockchain this October, fans will finally be able to call upon the services of the franchise’s heroes. In the form of high-quality Metaverse-ready 3D models featuring some of the biggest names in the Walking Dead ecosystem. Each ready to roll ‘n’ roll in the TWD Lands metaverse and send their fiercest enemy back from where they came.

TWD Mint

Get those walker access passes at the ready

This latest round of NFT goodness arrives in an innovative tandem drop from Orange Comet on October 5th. Mainly launching two 5k different The Walking Dead artworks. One is tied to an innovative mint, and the other is available to everyone. Both are derived from the coveted ‘Walker Access Pass’, a well-utilized application. So, sometime very soon, Orange Comet will take a snapshot of pass holders. Which in turn allows holders to get priority for both collections.

As such, those in the know can join in the joy of celebrating $80, right before minting in ETH price. You will open more who are eligible for both the license list 0.02 ETH discount. So, fire up that old hot wallet, put in some change, prepare your Walker Access Pass, and get ready to have fun.

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Orange Comet launches innovative standard mint system

In a first-of-its-kind mint, Orange Comet has minted 5k special NFTs exclusively for the Walker Access Pass holder. As a result, allowing holders to claim one NFT per held pass and receive an equivalent rare token in return.

Through the system, holders will have a 24-hour window to submit their claims. in the, Orange comet Priority is given to the highest rarity NFTs held in the wallet. The result is that NFTs can take pride of place at the top of the list.

More grizzly opportunities through the public mint

Orange Comet will launch a more accessible public mint when you arrive in conjunction with the level drop. Essentially, it allows for a more versatile approach to collecting, as well as creating an interesting conundrum for low-level access pass holders.

In motivation, they possess a Walker access pass You receive prioritization opportunities during the snapshot. As a result, wallets with 5 or more passes will get a 24-hour jump in the competition. Meanwhile, those with 4 or less possessions get a 6 hour head start. During this time, owners can generate one avatar per access pass, each with an unknown shortage.

Then 2 hours before the initiative opens for everyone, holders will have the opportunity to create an unlimited number of avatars. However, each wallet remains limited to a maximum of 20 NFTs. After this, Orange Comet opens up the mini to everyone, hoping to collect the remaining designer.

Therefore, holders of low rarity Walker Access Passes can benefit from the Public Mint. As a result, the chance of getting an unusual NFT in the process is stopped. However, it depends on the quantity NFTs claimed. With the drop in the level, it can prove to be the most useful set in general.


So, as the Walking Dead TV series thunders closer, the Army of the Dead will not be put down so easily. As a result, you too can join the good fight as the battle takes place in the immersive realm of the Metaverse.

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