Pak, Xcopy and Hakatao art featured in this Singapore NFT exhibition

The TOKEN2049 crypto conference kicks off this week in Singapore and will include an exciting NFT exhibition. Taking place from September 28, TOKEN2049 is Asia’s premier crypto and web3 conference and is part of the wider Asia Crypto Week. TOKEN2049 includes a unique immersive NFT experience called the OP3N WHALE NFT Exhibition. This was developed by OP3N, a startup for IP communities in web3, and WHALE, a web3 NFT membership club for the largest collection of rare-value NFTs. The exhibition will feature more than $100 million worth of NFT assets, including works by Pak, XCOPY and others.

Poster image of OP3N WALE NFT Exhibition in Singapore
The OP3N WALE NFT Exhibition will be held at TOKEN2049 in Singapore this week!

Singapore hosts a huge NFT exhibition and crypto event!

The OP3N WALE NFT Exhibition in Singapore this week will feature the world’s most valuable NFTs. Indeed, $100 million in NFT assets is mind-boggling. Thanks to OP3N and WHALE, this is the first time such a collection has been seen publicly.

Raphael Strack, founder of TOKEN2049; “Today’s Web3 ecosystem reflects the exciting innovation and creativity brought by so many industries as their interest in NFTs grows – and much of this is happening in Asia. We have an interesting program for our participants – and this exhibition is only one part.

The event highlights NFT pioneers

More than 7,000 visitors are expected to participate TOKEN2049 Conference between September 28-29. This season, the OP3N WHALE NFT Exhibition in Singapore showcases the potential of NFTs. East meets west. NFT event It also promotes artists, creatives, brands and managers across Asia.

This includes digital artist Pac and glitter artist, cult NFT hero, XCOPY, known for boarding Sotheby’s into the NFT space. There’s art from the Milanese artist duo, Hakatao, and award-winning Asian-American photographer Michael Yamashita, whose work with National Geographic spans more than four decades.

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