Palm Beach gets its own NFT restaurant: The Vinyl Fish Club

Palm Beach, a famous and wealthy city in Florida, USA, is getting its first NFT restaurant, Vinyl Fish Club. Located in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach, this NFT membership club and restaurant offers a unique dining and social experience that is out of this world! There is tremendous utility in owning one of these rare and exclusive Vinyl Fish Club (VFC) membership NFTs. In fact, there are only 50 in total. You can now buy it on OpenSea for a floor price of 1 ETH.

Image of NFT Bar and Restaurant in Vinyl Fish Club
Vinyl Fish Club is an NFT restaurant and membership club that offers an amazing dining experience!

The Vinyl Fish Club is a members only club.

Access to the Vinyl Fish Club is an integral part of this exciting NFT. As a social membership, there is great potential in these NFTs, and with only 50 available, they are extremely special.

The restaurant itself offers a classy and elegant dining experience that reflects the exclusivity of NFTs. Along with NFT restaurant entry, some other cool benefits come with this NFT.

This also includes:

  • Access to member exclusive events with other NFT holders
  • Special dining menu for NFT holders
  • Rare Japanese whiskey and sake tasting events
  • With access to private rooms, bottle service and more
  • Pop-up celebrity chef events
  • Access to future VFC areas
  • Assistant service

Enjoy a quality dining experience at NFT Restaurant

Vinyl Fish Club is the first omakase listening bar and restaurant designed for NFT members. It offers an immersive, intimate experience for music and food lovers alike. What’s more, the dining experience comes with a concierge!

Head chef Kazuo Yoshida is highly respected in the culinary world. Notably, his specialty is omakase. This is a type of Japanese dining where you leave yourself in the hands of the chef and let him choose the dishes and dishes that suit you.

Finally, the NFT Restaurant at Vinyl Fish Club offers exclusive membership and points out how various industries are adapting to blockchain technology.

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