Plaintiffs filed motion to dismiss Dave Portnoy from Safe Moon lawsuit.

SafeMoon’s investors are dropping Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy as a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against him for allegedly offering SafeMoon tokens.

August 8, Internet celebrity He tweeted. It is being called a “Shilling Safe Moon” by investors. Portnoy said he received no compensation from the project and lost a lot of money after investing in the token. He also Bright He asked the audience if he should sue the plaintiffs for wasting their time by telling people the project might be a scam before they invest.

A month later, court filings obtained by legal information website Justia showed that those who had filed suit against Portnoy had filed notices of dismissal. This follows an earlier filing from Portnoy’s side declaring that it has nothing to do with the Safe Moon project.

In addition to SafeMoon’s investors, the celebrity shared an email last month saying he was facing pressure from SafeMoon for “unfair representation” and giving the company a “bad look” when he mentioned the company’s losses on the show. The complaint shows that the project asked the celebrity to upgrade his holdings to version 2.

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In the year In 2020, Portnoy made headlines for exiting Bitcoin (BTC) after suffering a $25,000 loss. A month later, the trader revealed that he is returning to BTC and said that “his heart is crypto”, the crypto community is an interesting group of people.

Meanwhile, the SafeMoon lawsuit back in February has targeted several celebrities and influencers for their connection to SafeMoon’s alleged pump-and-dump scheme. The plan includes YouTubers Jake Paul and Ben Phillips and musicians Nick Carter, Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty.