Play! Pop! go over! He collaborates with Monaverse to launch his first official collection.

Play! Pop! go over! He has officially partnered with Monaverse to launch his first collection! Play! Pop! go over! It is a luxury fashion brand that aims to provide unique experiences and products to those interested in fashion, crypto and NFTs. Meanwhile, Monaverse is a 3D world building platform that allows people to create, collect and explore virtual experiences on the blockchain. Together, they are creating PLAY3 PARK!, the ultimate social gaming multiplayer with mini-games, virtual shopping and digital collaborations with top web2 designers and brands.

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Play! Pop! go over! and the Monaverse team to deliver a new experience.

What we know about PLAY! Pop! go over! and Monaverse

First, let’s look at PLAY! Pop! go over!. Play! Pop! go over! It is a brand dedicated to luxury fashion consumers. Significantly, they target an audience of fashion forward individuals interested in crypto and NFTs. The brand also aims to deliver a new product that delivers social interaction and unique experiences while also maintaining the high standards seen in Web2 brands.

Play! Pop! go over! It’s been getting a lot of buzz lately with endorsements from popular influencers like Jenny from Blackpink and Hypebeast. What does PLAY! Pop! go over! They stand out to offer a unique fashion experience that combines physical clothing, live chat, online shopping and gaming. So making their partnership with Monaverse a perfect match! Obviously, this got a lot of people excited for the launch. Especially the amazing story of the brand’s creative director, Amber Park. Play! Pop! go over! It has also recently announced partnerships with leading blockchain projects such as Chainlink and Polygon. Also the 3D world-building platform Monaverse, of course!

So what do we know about Monaverse? Basically, the platform empowers people from all over the world to create, collect and explore through a virtual network of experiences on the blockchain. In fact, with Monaverse, users are encouraged to unleash their creativity. In particular, users can use their software development kit to create completely customized experiences. Ultimately, Mona’s mission is to create a metaverse that belongs to everyone. Obviously, this means that anyone can create and sell in Monaverse without any land purchase and limit.

Play!  Pop!  go over!  And Monaverse new fashion experience
Get ready for a new kind of fashion experience with PLAY! Pop! go over! and Monaverse

So what does this partnership actually look like?

Play! Pop! go over! PLAY3 has partnered with Monaverse to launch PARK. PLAY3 Park! The ultimate social game is versatile, offering mini-games, virtual shopping and more. Thanks to Monaverse’s 3D world-building tools, users will have the opportunity to create incredibly detailed virtual worlds. Not to mention, artists using the new World Building SDK can create completely custom interactive experiences and achieve a whole new level of sophistication. In addition, the platform features digital collaborations with top Web2 designers and brands, offering exclusive rewards and power applications. Additionally, owners of PLAY are given early access! Pop! The GO! The first digital collectible, but finally, everyone can play.

On March 10, Play! Pop! go over! Releases first digital compilation in collaboration with Monaverse. While the brand’s first physical apparel collection will be available in the coming weeks, the launch of the digital collection is an exciting step for PLAY! Pop! go over! And its mission is to transform the luxury fashion experience.


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