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Polkafantasia, the world’s first Japanese ACG-powered blockchain ecosystem, announced the launch of their NFT marketplace, Aim, on August 4th and 7th to bring together people from all over the world for their passion for NFTs.

As part of the launch, aimée is exhibiting with renowned artist Kiji Infune-san, an exclusive NFT collection known as ‘Bestroid’. With his brilliant artwork and contributions to Mega Men and Street Fighter, Inafune-san has contributed his genius to create a futuristic world of robots to save mankind from extinction.

“This is a rare opportunity to bring together pieces of futuristic and robotic art with Kiji Inafune,” said Polkafantasia CEO Alex Hui. “Joining this robo-revolution will not only allow users to collect Inafune-san’s hand-crafted characters in an exclusive community, but also give users premium access to interact with Inafune-san at future social events.”

The “Bastroid” collection tells the story of a future where humanity faces extinction due to climate change. The surviving members of the human race are struggling to reach the last few shelters on Earth, and the elite rulers try to prevent them from entering these safe havens. Bistroid’s mission is to protect the human race. The unique characters: hyenas, cats, lizards and hippos are thoughtfully designed with unique features and characteristics.

aimée The world’s best artists and anime creators want to integrate the Metaverse concept into their new NFT marketplace to transform the virtual and immersive art space.

Visit to find the exclusive collection https://aimee-beastroid.polkafantasy.com/#home.

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