Polkapet World is about to launch polygon-powered virtual friends.

In the undergrowth, the murmuring of the forest punctuates the usually quiet landscape, and bringing with it, three majestic cats take a purposeful path through the forest to reach a new and exciting goal. So, marking the world of polkapets as it confidently moves onto the grassy plains Polygon network.

So, in a great display of cross-chaining, Forge Polkapets brings the project to Polygon and enables wild and wonderful virtual friendships supported by amazing resources. This will happen as it expands the pet universe and ushers in a new era of blockchain-based NFT engagement.

“Polygon Pets marks our journey into the world of pets at Forge, opening up new ways of engagement for fans of our project.” – Charnjit Bansi – VP Game Design, Polygon

Polygon World is about to launch a new virtual companion powered by Polygon.

A terrible trio of feline companions

To enter Polygon’s exciting world of virtual pet management, Forge launches 3 majestic creatures on the PolkaPets platform. Each animal a Cat power plant Famous for his wild Indian jungle chases, he reached out to create a lasting partnership with travelers exploring the blockchain. Those with the foresight to get involved can meet Paarja, the fearsome Royal Bengal Tiger, Kali, the heroic Clouded Tiger or the spirited Indian Tiger. Each one starts with one of 4 different fames, Noble Onyx, Magnificent Pearl, Royal Sapphire or, Opunt Diamond.

Once owned, owners of these eager partners will unlock a wide range of services, including the ability to earn $PETS rewards, airdrops, discounts and more. In addition, select Polygon pets also allow you to have an amazing sandboxing experience with the opportunity to get additional amazing benefits.

To get the ball rolling, sign up to receive a free polygonal pet through the project portal.

Sign up for a free pet >> here

Polygon World is about to launch a new virtual companion powered by Polygon.

Virtual friendship in the world of Polkapet

An innovative project emerging from the Animoka Brands Forge platform, the wild and wonderful world of Polkadot opens up a new way of brand engagement, Fantastic Beasts giving Polkadot and Polygon Projects the opportunity to meaningfully engage with their consumer space. Therefore, provide a system NFT ownership Generously funded to reward loyal patronage.

Through the platform, brands can launch their own virtual pets, support them with self-service tools, and offer multiple rewards tailored to any project. Now, when Polygon picks up the baton, these benefits will cross the chain to spread its great ideas far and wide.

“Having the Polygon team onboard with their unique collection of Polygon pets gives our pet community a whole new dimension to explore.” – Harry Liu – Polkapet World Team Leader

Learn more about Polkapet World >> over here

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