Project NAYOM1 celebrates 10 years of Blade Heels.

‘Project NAYOM1’ is a luxury phygital collection created by shoe company, Cassaday and digital fashion company, Ela-1. The launch celebrates 10 years of the Cassaday Blade heel icon. The heels have been given a futuristic makeover, and along with 1000 pairs of physical ‘NAYOM1 Blade’ heels, will be transformed into an exclusive NFT collection.

Casadei other-1 project NAYOM1
Cassaday and other-1 are working together on ‘Project NAYOM1’.

The art behind project NAYOM1

Creatively directed by Cassade designer Ricardo Cook and artfully supported by renowned digital artist HardMetaCore, the drop was released in 2015. Set in the dystopian future of 2049, the cult film Blade Runner takes inspiration from the aesthetic of the future. It draws ‘Project NAOMI1’. Influenced by the JOi hologram, one of the film’s most memorable characters, the ‘NAYOM1’ PFP avatars around to model their changing outfits and futuristic Cassaday heels.

‘Project NAYOMI1’ is a statement collection that builds on the ever-changing future of fashion. It is a collaboration between two like-minded companies, one traditionally physical and one digital, to shake up the status quo and set new standards in the world of luxury fashion.

Physical shoes

Alongside the NFT collection, physical shoes will be launched. Each is NFC-chipped, which allows collectors to connect physical and digital wearables and PFP avatars. Buyers of 1000 pairs will receive:

  • Phygital Casadei NFT collectable
  • Limited Edition Blade physical heel
  • Special wear of Decentraland
  • Exclusive PFP Avatar (Designed by HardMetaCore)

The start of the project NAYOM1

Project NAYOM1 is in progress. Milan Fashion Week In a physical event in the shop of Casadei Vei Via Sant’Andrea 1, Milano. Physical versions of the shoes were shown at the famous fashion event. Also, a digital startup happens at DeCentraland, as a meta opposite fashion experience.

About Casadei

Cassaday It is a shoe factory founded in Rimini in 1958 and produces shoes for national and international markets. Cesare Casadei is the son of the founder and current creative director. Together with his team of designers, they still make shoes in Italy, focusing on high quality products, producing refined details.

Now, through Project NAYOM1, they are taking a modern step into the digital space.

About other-1

Other -1 Web3 is a luxury platform working with Casaday on the ‘Project NAYOM1’ venture. It is built on the Polygon blockchain, and users can build, collect, share and trade digital fashion, ready for the metaverse. Also, their physical goods are authenticated and supported by NFC technology to support Metaverse interactions. Other-1 will serve as a one-stop shop for the new cross-functional property segment, connecting facts to create a dynamic ecosystem of chained hypebests, designers, brands and sellers.

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