Rare Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey and NFT coming soon!

Johnnie Walker’s latest collaboration with Blockbar.com and Vayner3 (a Web3 consulting firm run by Gary Vaynerchuk) is finally here. DIAGEO, the company behind the iconic Scotch whisky, has announced a new NFT edition for its legendary Johnnie Walker Blue Label Spirit and Rare series. Officially, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Spirit and Rare Port Dundas, NFTs will be available on BlockBar.com, the NFT marketplace for wine and spirits starting September 9 for $775 (approx. 0.49 ETH).

An image of the new Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey with NFT on a sunny table
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Spirit and Rare Port Dundas Whiskey will be available on Blockbar.com starting September 9th.

There are 75 Limited Edition Ghost and Rare Port Dundas Master Sets. These Master Collections have great features like physical bottles, incredible art and more.

The Johnnie Walker NFT collection continues to grow!

This is the fifth installment in Johnnie Walker’s blue label Ghost and Rare series and the second NFT release. The new collection features premium and rare whiskeys from one of the world’s most renowned grain distilleries at Port Dundas, Glasgow’s “ghost” distillery.

The historic factory, located on the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal, was built in 1811. It was the heartbeat of the Johnnie Walker brand. The famous drink was exported around the world for almost 200 years before it was discontinued in 2010.

Own a taste of history with exclusive Jonnie Walker NFTs

The 75 Johnnie Walker Master Collection NFTs are a fantastic opportunity for whiskey lovers around the world to get their hands on an individual, highly flavored limited edition bottle.

Bottlers use priceless “ghost” whiskeys from long-capping distilleries. This and other expressions from the wonderful reserves that tap into the spirit of Johnnie Walker’s legendary blues label are the heart of the new mix.

Another thing that makes the new Johnnie Walker Whiskey NFTs amazing is the team behind them. The new whiskey is the first to be released by famous Johnnie Walker master blender Emma Walker.

“Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Whiskey, DIAGEO North America, said, “As a leader in whiskey innovation and a champion of shared growth, Johnnie Walker will continue to create meaningful connections with consumers by championing creators and community leaders at Web3. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations on the horizon.

A bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey
The Johnnie Walker NFT Master Collections come with 1 liter of rare whiskey that can be physically redeemed.

NFTs are also a work of art!

Masters Collection comes with digital NFT by award-winning AI artist and photographer Ivona Tau. She uses inspiration from the source of life and the power of nature, namely water. Each NFT is completely different and as precious as the whiskey itself.

Ivona Tau said: “It’s fantastic to see global brands like Johnnie Walker investing in digital creators to bring visibility to our work. I am proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with Johnnie Walker and share my artistic vision of this limited edition whiskey release with the community at Web3.

Johnnie Walker NFTs amazing utility

The Ghost and Rare Port Dundas Master Sets feature a redeemable physical 1L bottle signed by Emma Walker and a matching NFT bottle. There is also a piece of digital NFT digital art by Ivona Tau. Additionally, holders will have access to the next DIAGEO release on BlockBar.com.

Additionally, Johnnie Walker NFT holders will get exclusive virtual storytelling experiences with Emma Walker and Ivona Tau. Here, they share the inspiration for the choices on this amazing project.

NFTs create opportunities for women!

Women are at the heart of the new Johnnie Walker NFTs. Johnnie Walker wants to create more opportunities for women around the world to celebrate the achievements of Emma Walker and Ivona Towne. To make this a reality, they partnered with long-term partner, IFundWomenm, to provide business grants to women.

“We are delighted that Johnnie Walker has chosen to partner with Blockbar again to launch Johnnie Walker Blue Label Spirits and Rare Port Dundas. We are democratizing access to the world’s most popular whiskey brand so that anyone, anywhere in the world can participate,” said Dov Falik, Founder and CEO of Blockbar. “One of our missions at Blockbar is to support women in wine, spirits and web 3, so we’re thrilled to support IFundWomen through this collaboration.”

Whiskey on the table, night time in two glasses and an open bottle.
The whiskey has a unique and distinct flavor created by Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender, Emma Walker.

Finally, don’t forget that 75 Johnnie Walker NFTs will go on sale on September 9, along with physical bottles. For $775 (approximately 0.49 ETH), you can own a unique bottle of whiskey. Save it for a special event or share it with friends. In any case, you will love the wonderful taste of this rare and special drink.

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