Rarible announced a contest for Tezos artists with cash prizes

Rarible, one of the largest NFT art marketplaces in the world, has announced a special contest for Tezos artists. Officially called Convergence, this contest is an open call for Tezos artists to create unique art for Community Mint. You can submit your art starting today, September 27th, and the contest closes on October 14th. The community will vote to select the winner, who will receive a fantastic cash prize!

Image of the rare yellow logo Tezos
Rarible has announced the Tezos Community Art Contest.

The Tezos Community Art Contest at Rabble!

Rarible is a large multi-chain, community-oriented NFT marketplace. To give back to the community, they launched Convergence, a competition for Tezos artists. To participate, Tezos creators must submit their art via the Rare Discord.

There are no rules for the Rare Tezos art contest, but artists must create an interpretation of the ‘coherence’ theme. How do you envision the official Rarible Discord announcement “Joining” theme? Ribble invites our Tezos community to create unique art for an extra special project.

How to participate in the Tezos Art Contest!

To participate, Tezos creators must submit their art via the Rare Discord channel, #│tez-submissions. Additionally, Discord members must first request a Tezos role by clicking on the Tezos emoji.

Submissions open on September 27 and close on October 14. Following this, a community vote will be held between October 17-21. The winner will be announced on October 25th.

Finally, Rabble announced that it will perform in a virtual exhibition to celebrate the competition and the artists. This will take place on October 28th at Rarable Spacial Gallery, with a virtual party and a live DJ.

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