Safe Moon Inu records an increase in price, but another token passes in terms of utility

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Over the past two years, memecoins have outperformed almost every cryptocurrency category. Since the beginning of 2021, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have managed to control almost one of these symbols. However, the same cannot be said now when the tokens are trading at less than 80% during high price periods.

Despite the significant decline in the introduction or growth of memecoins in them, some tokens have managed to survive. One sign that has managed to gain some popularity due to its growth since last month is the Safe Moon Inu, a name that probably derives from two popular signs, the Safe Moon and the Shiba Inu.

About Safemoon Inu and the latest pump

Launched in 2021, Safemoon Inu was introduced amid the memecoin explosion. While there were several factors that contributed to its growth during that time, the popularity of all the meme tokens during that time made it an instant 100X token.

However, just like the other memecoin, Safemoon Inu also crashed, and importantly, as the SMI of its native token fell more than 90% during peak periods. While the downward trend continued for a while, it quickly reversed itself starting in August, when the index showed signs of recovery.

SMI was trading around $0.0000023 before it started moving on August 29th. The token then quickly grew in value and reached $0.000003 in the last two weeks. The project, a community-driven meme and gaming platform, however, was too slow to keep pace with its roadmap.

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The game NFTs and the overall experience of the project came as a disappointment to many, which was the main reason for its failure. Games quality, roadmap performance, infrastructural development etc were mediocre at best. So, a concept that was previously seen as a novelty to many has finally failed.

Why alternative Tamadoge is better

In the year Launched only in 2022, the Tamadoge project is currently one of the highest-grossing ecosystems in space and is built on the same innovative concept as Safemoon Inu. However, it is a much better and cost effective version of SMI. Tamadog is gaining popularity mainly due to memecoin status which is even better with real utility.

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As a P2E gaming platform, Tamadoge is fully integrated with the Metaverse. It is also a small capital project, which makes growth prospects more realistic. The platform not only plans to stick with the basic blockchain game, but is actively exploring Move-to-earn and many other concepts to add to the ecosystem.

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The website managed to sell more than $14 million worth of TAMA, marking the project’s launch.

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