Shark Tank’s Matt Higgins Buys $50k ENS Domain!

TV show celebrity investor Matt Higgins from Shark Tank has purchased the ENS domain for a whopping 30 ETH ($51,853.20). ENS domains are in high demand, and two-digit/three-digit .eth domains continue to see high-value sales. Significantly, Matt Higgins bought 713 ETH, the number is high. 713 is the area code of Houston, Texas and is often referenced in popular culture such as music.

Shark Tank investor Matt Higgins is sitting in a suit
Shark Tank investor Matt Higgins bought the ENS domain for over $50,000!

Shark Tank’s Matt Higgins Buys $50K ENS Domain

Last year, there was a huge increase and interest in ENS domains. In fact, last month, the name service of Ethereum confirmed that they reached the level of 2 million names. They tweeted, “2M ENS names created! It took five years to get to 1m names, then 3.5 months to get to 2m names, and we’re just getting started.

Celebrities are joining the NFT space. Now, some like Matt Higgins are exploring the ENS domains.

Tweet leads to discovery of ENS domains by Matt Higgins.

@OGDfarmer started asking questions about .SOL domain names in response to Matt Higgins’ tweet. He said, “Can you teach me what you see here? I didn’t get there fast enough.”

In related responses, many commented on the ENS domains, which seemed to be well received. In less than 24 hours, Matt Higgins used his Shark Tank skills and knowledge to bid on several triple-digit ENS domains.

Higgins You bid on many .ETH domains before finally buying 713.ETH, like 917 and 718.

Finally, Twitter user @gweiman_eth took the time to register the blockchain domain mhiggins.eth as a gift to Matt Higgins.

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