Solana-based Walken has announced new roadmap features to continue its impressive growth statistics

A Solana-based blockchain gaming platform, Walken announces a new roadmap and features that will enhance the user experience and overall platform development!

Walken has unveiled its latest roadmap to monetize players, drive sustainable growth, build momentum and maintain high overall growth, the team’s statement read. The new updated roadmap introduces a number of new features including new game modes, better social interaction components and new partnerships to enhance the overall development of the platform.

Announced on Monday, the new developments will be implemented on the platform in the coming months, giving users a more fun and sustainable platform to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have access to crypto.

“One of the main challenges of any gamified Web 3 project is making it both fun and sustainable, especially a free-to-play 2 game,” said Walken co-founder and CEO Alexi Kulevets. “At Walken, we’re proving it’s possible. We are grateful for our amazing community and work hard to make it even better.

Key developments and updates highlighted in the new roadmap include better translation support for the app along with seven new languages, over 60 million community-generated WLKN tokens to reinvest and add value to the app. Development of a new game featuring the ecosystem and CAthletes (NFT figures on the app).

Additionally, the new roadmap aims to build momentum and continue its outstanding growth journey by introducing ‘The Walken Ambassador program’ to local communities around the world and an affiliate referral program with associated bonuses. However, Walken will build new game modes such as tournaments and new competition modes, as well as social interaction features such as friend chats to increase cooperation within the community.

In the year Launched in 2022, the Walken Game app is being developed to connect real-world sports activities with online games and earn crypto. The fast-growing app aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by leveraging blockchain technology and incentivizing users with WLKN tokens.

“Getting people to get healthier and adding financial incentives to stick with those habits is one of the biggest industry opportunities in all of Web3,” says the team’s statement.

These developments allow Walken to continue its impressive growth, particularly by growing its community. With the new roadmap vision and features fully aligned with the company’s goals, the platform may be on its way to becoming one of the largest gaming platforms in the Web 3 industry.

Adding to the new proposed roadmap, Walken shared some in-game economy statistics that show the platform’s tremendous growth and ecosystem expansion in recent months. Following a rapid start to user growth for the iOS app, the Walken Android app surpassed the numbers in early August 2022 to become the largest Walken app with over 7,000 new unique daily users, while iOS introduced over 1,000 new daily users.

In addition, the app registered more than 20,000 new daily users in July and August 2022, with more than 1.11 million users recorded as using the platform to date. The majority of users are from Russia and Ukraine with 19.6% and 10.4% respectively, India is third with 7.34% of users and Vietnam is fourth with 5.13% of daily users. According to the group, the number of users could increase to more than 2 million by Q4 2022, as data collected in international regions shows that people are willing to dive into Web3 and unlock the benefits it can offer.

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