Steve Aoki and Reuko’s Prizmatics Collection Launch

For A0K1VERSE’s first year anniversary, internationally renowned DJ and Grammy-nominated music producer Steve Aoki has teamed up with 3D artist Reko to create A0K1VERSE Prizmatics, a new collection of NFTs. The stock will be available for public purchase at a price of 0.02 ETH and will be free for all A0K1VERSE holders.

Steve Aki in an advertising poster for A0k1VERSE.
Steve Aoki celebrates A0k1VERSE’s one year anniversary.

What is the A0K1VERSE Prizmatics NFT Collection?

The A0K1VERSE Prizmatics NFT collection includes original compositions by Aoki and Design of Reu. Prismatics come in a variety of colors inspired by the cosmos and are timed to make the shard movement, the main design form of the DJ-created NFT community A0K1VERSE. These prismatic shards are mysterious and charged structures. They are also designed and manufactured by Reco.

Promotional image for Steve Aoki's new NFT collection
Promotional image for Steve Aoki’s new NFT collection.

There are two levels for the NFT Collection Mint. Level one is for A0K1VERSE passport holders only. It lasts from March 9 to March 11. Phase two is the 24-hour public mint starting March 11. Steve Aoki’s latest venture allows fans to interact with his art and become more immersed in the A0K1VERSE universe.

What is A0K1VERSE?

Steve Aoki launched A0K1VERSE in 2022. NFT is a club designed to provide an engaging web3 experience for the DJ community. Additionally, members of this token-gated community can access exclusive benefits.

Community members can access exclusive benefits in the virtual and physical worlds. For example, members can get early access to Aoki’s NFT releases and his friends and family projects, free Steve Aoki concert tickets, Discord access, private events, dynamic experiences, free merchandise, and digital wearables.

To join A0K1VERSE, individuals must have A0K1 credit and a passport. A0K1 Credits ERC-1155 NFTs serve as the gateway to A0K1VERSE. A0K1VERSE has grown rapidly over the past year, introducing the community to Web3 technology and its interactive capabilities.

Just last month, Steve Aki unveiled an extensive awards program to celebrate A0K1VERSE’s first anniversary. Season two of A0K1VERSE Awards has kicked off with the introduction of a new roadmap, subscription service and other exciting features.

Steve Aoki continues to push for NFTs.

Aoki is at the forefront of NFT partnerships, generating over $4 million in his first NFT startup, the Dream Catcher series. In addition, Aoki created the first blockchain-based exhibition series with Dominion X and collaborated with Sotheby’s on their Contemporary Curated series.

Additionally, in August 2022, Steve Aoki will partner with actor and filmmaker Seth Green to create a community-driven NFT TV series. The project is the next chapter in Aoki’s NFT mascot, Character X’s, journey.

Over time, Steve Aki has seen significant success with his NFT community A0K1VERSE. The project has spawned several high-profile partnerships. For example, A0K1VERSE has confirmed collaborations with famous brands such as Time Magazine, Gala Games, Snoop Dogg, Deadfellaz, Goblintown, The Sandbox and many others. The community has been host to memorable events such as NFT LA, Veecon and NFT.NYC.


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