Struggles in a hot market, windfall comes for TAMA

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Trading indicators on the Holo/USDT market show that activity in this market has generally been a tussle between buyers and sellers. Nevertheless, buyers’ influence on the hot market is being felt in trading indicators.

Holo forecast statistical data:
Hot’s current price is: $4.63.
Holo’s market value: $349.59 million
Hot circulation supply: 173.34 million
Holo total supply: 17361 million
Hots Coinmarketcap Rank: #94

Main values:
Resistance: $0.002035, $0.002090, $0.002130
Support: $0.002000, $0.001970 $0.001900

Struggles in a hot market, windfall comes for TAMA

Holo is trying to buck the trend, with Tamadoge rated a buy.

Looking at the daily chart of Holo/USDT, price movements are stuck between bears and bulls. However, price action inches higher above the Bollinger Band MA. So, this shows that the bulls are not out yet. as well as. Stochastic RSI confirms that buyers are active in this market. The terminals of the fast curve make a sharp bend in the slow direction. If the lines of this indicator eventually cross each other, this indicates that the price will move upwards and the price level will reach $0.002180.

Struggles in a hot market, windfall comes for TAMA

Price Analysis for Holo: HOT/USDT price is consolidating.

The 4-hour chart for HOT/USDT shows that the bearish movement in this market may be gaining the necessary strength. On this chart, the RSI has already reached overbought territory. In addition, the lines of this indicator presented an inverted cross not far from the 70% mark. Additionally, the Holo price has crossed above the Bollinger Indicator MA.

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In addition, the upper and lower limits of the Bollinger indicator are collected. This may indicate that this improvement may be significant. If we go by these signs, the price may reach the level mentioned above. However, if buyers lose momentum, downward pressure will dominate price action and move it lower. Therefore, the trader must anticipate this and adjust their stops to a level that ensures profitability.

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