Successful beta service launch of SOMESING, ‘My Hand-Carry Studio Karaoke App’

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Dubai, Tuesday, August 30 – Zogi Labs Ltd. Legends of Bezogia regularly releases betas for a global audience who want to experience an NFT crypto-based MMORPG like never before. Bezogia’s Legendary Crypto Vice takes business to new heights with next-level graphics, a rich and deep backstory, multiple exit characters and villains, and a massive open world. Players rent, own, and sell their own NFT Bezogi characters and equip them with NFT tools that add a unique flavor to the gameplay never seen before in a massive open-world game based on NFT crypto.

“Following a year of hard work, dedication and creativity, AN has had an overwhelmingly positive response and number of registrations, and we’re excited to launch the Legend of Bezogia beta. With the intention of taking the NFT crypto vice business by storm, the sport can provide users with the most innovative knowledge in crypto vice suitable for 2022. The Nineties, Legend of Bezogia can be a huge open world with an exciting plot line, action-packed combat, and complex game mechanics that we’ve worked hard to deliver. With the release of the beta we invited the players. Zogi Labs Ltd CEO Steve Murray

Claim your claim

The first one thousand players to sign up, be accepted as beta testers, and play the game can receive a Team Action Token within the first day of the beta launch. Unique and one-off, this token gives players the chance to grab their very own Bezogia Beta Legendary Skill.

What is expected?

The Legend of Bezogia beta is full of experiences and fun things to do, allowing players to sign up and immerse themselves in the most important variation of open world culture on the market today. Players expect to know what’s next in the game.

  • Large Open World – Being an MMORPG, the sport has huge and lush landscapes for players to explore. Bezogia can be a wild place, don’t go in underprepared!
  • Millions of Unique Weapons – Legends of Bezogia’s Rare System unlocks the ability to discover a wide variety of unique and beautiful weapons. Players will try to call the beta through the difficult enemies that await them in Bezogia.
  • Tough Enemies – Bezogia is full of fearsome and difficult enemies waiting to be crushed under the battle-hardened Bezogi’s boot. Go solo or join the fray and crack some skulls!
  • Intro Missions – Missions, designed to give players a light-hearted introduction to the square-scale planet of Bezogia in the beta. Players are pitched in from the start.
  • Exciting combat – With equipment from the introductory missions, players will stop the fight in the beta. Make a blade and pass it on a trollface hidden around the starting camp.
  • Metaverse packed with memes – Bezogia is filled with funny crypto-based memes like Whalon Musk and also Inexperienced Candle. As the premier crypto game for non-crypto geeks, Legend of Bezogia aims to manage players while providing a light-hearted introduction to cryptocurrency mining on the planet, Mims Planet.

Players are encouraged to provide feedback on what they find in the beta. While the stream is currently in beta stage, the team will be available to create hotfixes to increase player knowledge and refine in-game systems that will be released until the finished game in Q1 2023.


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