Successful beta service launch of SOMESING, ‘My Hand-Carry Studio Karaoke App’

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The Toki universe already consists of the antics of NFT, PFP, and their own miniverse. A new project on the Ethereum blockchain created with the goal of bringing a breath of fresh air to the NFT environment. The Distributed NFT PFP Project is offering an out-of-this-world plot of a degree ticket-themed NFT, inspired by the talky characters’ intense journey to planet Earth.

This other-worldly collection includes 10,000 Treasure Hunter PFP NFTs created on the ERC-721a upgrade protocol. Although less powerful, Limited Hunters features over 300 hand-drawn features in fourteen features including character type, background, upper body, lower body, pet and avant-garde accents.

All Toki Universe owners can receive ancient NFTs distributed by DGallery. The distributed primitive NFT depends on the specific commodity that the gallery has futures. Most items are purchased from auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s and alternative private channels. DGallery was founded with the sole purpose of bringing attention to Chinese traditional and ancient works. It brings thousands of years worth of authentic Chinese arts, crafts and artifacts, and is committed to fully preserving them. In addition, the gallery is actively collecting high-value works of art and artifacts in China that can be traced back to the dynasty and the Qing dynasty. Today, it has evolved into fashion

With the help of a team of experienced NFT investors, the pioneers of the Toki universe have seen the successes and failures of recent options. They have confirmed that NFT is gradually becoming more common in thought and that something that makes them stand out is needed to be effective. Additionally, the team recognizes the importance of providing transparency and consistency in building a trusted and trusted community in the NFT environment. Therefore, a model is used where uninterrupted value is returned to the community through high-quality design and purposeful service. Having successfully assembled a team of specialists in various fields, the mission to bring the Talkie Universe to Planet Earth has begun.

Mr. Louis Lim, Project Consultant of Toki Universe, said: “By combining our experience in each of the formal and virtual worlds, we want to create a desirable and extraordinary difference that the NFT environment has never seen before. Although we tend to please the new world; We also tend to devote ourselves to the preservation of the modern world, which contains amazing antiquities.

Other important features of Toki Universe include an income stream from classic sales, an exclusive invitation to play games on the Metaverse, but also the opportunity to participate in a Toki Performance Bar or TAB. Our exclusive roadmap has laid out the timeline of the TAB event and the alternative benefits of Talkie Universe. This includes getting merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and caps. Holders who reach a certain level can unlock additional invitations to the newest and most happening parties and events where they can actually meet alternate owners.

In the future there are plans to develop Toki Universe in the Sandbox and Decentraland in Talks and it may be more on the roadmap before long. It’s highly anticipated with the other side getting more lands, but with Bored Monkey’s guild having a clean stance change, the pipeline is even bigger.

Toki Universe’s long-term ambition is to develop a property and community-driven environment. A total of 10,000 Toki NFTs will be available long before through the new and exciting Toki Auction Center to effectively set the trend and lead the way in the NFT world. Inspired by Doodles, this type of auction allows bidders to offer the maximum amount of ETH they need in their initial bid, but have the option to extend their bid. At the same time, the NFT supply and auction schedule is determined and fixed. At the top of the Toki auction, the clearing price is known and each auction price above the individual user can still receive NFTs in return, taking into account the bid and clearing price. For any unsuccessful bid, a full refund will be issued as a result.

During the sale of the antique, some of the profits are to be transferred to the society’s notebook to get more value for the most valuable and permanent owners. To begin with, holders will receive limited access to the Talkie Marketplace.

With Toki Universe’s official launch date fast approaching, the team is working tirelessly to make sure things stay on track as they set the stage for the booming NFT world.

This follow-up Toki Universe NFT PFP collection may officially launch the market on September 9, 2022 with a grand launch. Talkie Universe welcomes every WEB3.0 enthusiast to touch the community and be a part of their unique journey.

“Our style comes with PFP, cards style and future reverse game features. The first step we all know in the NFT area. It took us over 8 months to create this project in the United States and we’re just getting started. Creative Director at Toki Universe at QX.


Head of Technology.

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