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Earlier this year, Kava shook up the L1 industry with the launch of the Ethereum Co-Chain, making it the fastest growing protocol of any blockchain by 2022. Today, step 1 of Diffie’s protocol is to deploy Sushi to Kava $7M related prize plan Along with the beautifully redesigned sides Sushi 2.0 User interface.

Supplying liquidity to the Sushi wKAVA/USDC pool deployed to the Kava EVM will qualify for KAVA and SUSHI token rewards. Sushi’s deployment allows users to create new pools with other asset pairs, especially after the Kava 11 update and Ethereum bridge this year. These actions will position Sushi as the main decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Kava EVM.

“Kava is a 100% growth-oriented blockchain with the Kava Rice Incentive Program. Sushi has believed in this program since the beginning and was an early pioneer. Today, I am excited to announce that Sushi has chosen Kava to lead a one-of-a-kind DeFi user experience. Kava will be able to onboard and engage with more protocols than any other L1 network. Kava achieves that goal with visionary partners like Sushi. – Scott Stewart, CEO of Kava Labs.

“We are grateful to be a part of what we consider to be an exciting new blockchain infrastructure. We are humbled to be included as one of the first DEXes on the Kava chain. We believe that Kava’s focus on growth and engagement with all types of projects is the best way to help them grow through the Kava Rise program. During this deployment, we are excited to introduce our new UI.” Disclosure demonstrates the importance of combining our forces. – The sushi team.

The Sushi and Kava Partnership chapter is made possible by Kava Rice, a 750 million dollar reward program Designed to push 10x growth on the Kava blockchain. Being part of Kava Rice means that all sushi bars on Kava will collect rewards for the Sushi Protocol programmatically and across the chain.

Alongside its deployment to Kava and introduction to the Kava Rice program, Sushi will implement a new UI designed to improve the user experience for Sushi’s most used apps – Trident, Furo and Bentobox. All these dApps will be accessible from the Kava EVM and will be eligible to collect Kava Rise incentives for the Sushi protocol.

Sushi is a decentralized protocol based on Ethereum and a robust set of DeFi applications. The sushi ecosystem is now preserved $1.5B Over 150K Sushi Token holdings and 15.68K asset trading pairs with total liquidity. Users can interact with Sushi across 20+ wallets and 15 supported blockchains.

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